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Global Classification
World-class import/export classification software from Thomson Reuters

Why choose Global Classification

You rely on accurate codes to move products through customs because you can't afford slowdowns along your global supply chain. With our team of over 200 researchers covering 240 countries and providing regulatory updates to our global product classification software, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Global Classification, you'll spend fewer hours determining and maintaining product classification. Plus, you'll improve accuracy and collaboration across your team. No need to waste time classifying individual products — just upload your product database into ONESOURCE Global Classification and run a batch classification to assign codes and audit previously classified products.

What you get with our import/export classification software 

Automate your classification work

Automate tracking of activities, set up tasks for products to be classified, and assign them to your team.

Run batch classification

Perform a semiautomated batch classification to assign a 6-digit HS code or validate previously classified products.

Ensure consistency

Compare product classifications across geographies or business units to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Maintain audit trail

​Attach documentation to your individual product records that supports classification, valuation, and duty calculations.

Introducing Smart HS

With the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Smart HS allows you to classify your products more quickly and easily than ever before.

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