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Prepare your business for the complex changes ahead around Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), so you can maximize opportunities while minimizing risk.

Ensure success every step of the way. Keep up with new and changing FTAs around the globe, reduce risks by complying with FTA guidelines and save money through more efficient processes and preferential duty rates for your business.

Thomson Reuters FTA solutions provide you with the up-to-date knowledge and tools you need to plan, manage and comply today and in the future.

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A majority of global trade departments lack the systems, processes and visibility needed across supply chains to maximize incentives and internal resources to thrive in today’s highly-dynamic global marketplace. Find out more global findings, key trends and regional and industry-specific data.
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Recent FTA Blog Posts

  • What to Realistically Expect From U.S. FTA Negotiations 11 Aug, 2017 - With the UK’s decision to leave the European Union and the unexpected U.S. Presidential win of Donald Trump, 2016 brought some uncertainties to the world of free trade agreements. Since then, UK Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, officially starting the two-year process of negotiating terms for the UK’s departure [...]
  • How Japan and EU FTA Affects Automobile Industry 4 Aug, 2017 - Background Japan and the European Union (EU) leaders reached a political agreement on two landmark agreements, the Strategic Partnership Agreement and the Economic Partnership Agreement at the 24th Brussels Summit (July 07, 2017). Both agreements are expected to greatly benefit both Japan and the EU.  It is expected that the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement will [...]
  • What Is the Impact of the U.S. Withdrawal from the TPP on Indonesia? 23 Jun, 2017 - It was not a surprise to most countries when President Trump withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. His withdrawal was a signal that he intended to follow his approach with ‘Americans First”, by protecting American workers from competition from low-wage countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia. Indonesia had not officially joined the regional [...]

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Plan for changes, ensure compliance and save money with preferential duty rates and more with these FTA solutions from Thomson Reuters Checkpoint and ONESOURCE.

Together, these resources provide the comprehensive FTA information you need to make solid decisions for your business.

Let’s Make a Deal: Understanding the Opportunities in Discretionary Incentives

ONESOURCE Global Trade Management and Free Trade Agreement Solutions

ONESOURCE Global Trade for FTA can help companies identify opportunities to qualify their goods under FTA-specific rules of origin or reduce supply chain costs through taking advantage of FTAs. It further reduces risks in complying with FTA guidelines by streamlining logistical processes, eliminating manual work and ensuring adherence to the latest regulatory changes. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) software solutions

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When you have questions about Global Trade and FTAs, Thomson Reuters Checkpoint has the answers. Find everything you need for your global trade research including new resources such as Global HS, as well as the International Trade Specialized Import Library and the U.S. International Trade Import/Export Compliance Library and more.
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