Indirect Tax Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AXAutomated sales tax management within your ERP

Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Cloud-based, automated sales tax management

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCETM Indirect Tax is a comprehensive tax automation solution that connects with Microsoft® Dynamics AX to enable accurate sales and use tax, VAT, GST calculation, certificate management, and effortless filing and remittance — so you can say goodbye to manual work and focus more on growing your business.

Each time you run a sales or purchasing transaction in Microsoft Dynamics AX, the ONESOURCE integration processes the data through our patented tax engine to instantly determine precise taxability, validate the customer address, and apply the final tax decision back to the transaction in Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Companies all over the world turn to ONESOURCE Indirect Tax to gain control over their back-office operations and boost the value of their business through accurate transaction tax compliance. Our scalable, tightly integrated solutions allow you to better manage your specific tax requirements and get a complete view of your sales tax liability from a single, unified platform.


  • Automates sales, use, and value-added tax management across your business without disruption.
  • Removes manual tax setups and rate tracking with built-in, continuously updated certified tax research.
  • Works behind the scenes of your existing ERP system with no disruption to user experience or workflows.


  • Scales to support business growth with an unrivaled global vantage point.
  • Offers enterprise-grade configurability to meet the specific tax needs of your company.
  • Delivers flexible integration options for multiple systems, enabling company-wide automation.


  • Built following Microsoft development best practices to assure superior compatibility and functionality.
  • Powered by expert, in-house global tax research, removing the need to maintain tax rules.
  • Reduces risk to projects and ongoing operations with expert-led implementation and support.

View the brochure below to discover how your company can leverage the features of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX to ensure you get tax right. The first time, every time.