Indirect Tax Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AXAutomated sales tax management within your ERP

Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Cloud-based, automated sales tax management

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax is a simple, cloud-based tax automation solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX to help you eliminate the complexities of sales tax compliance and effortlessly navigate the ever-changing tax landscape. As an end-to-end solution, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX does it all—from rate calculation and research to reporting and returns—so you can say goodbye to manual work and focus more on growing your business.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax intelligently delivers billions of real-time tax decisions based on the latest tax rules and applies them across more than 16,000 jurisdictions at the point of transaction within your existing ERP system. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax processes the transaction data entered into Microsoft Dynamics AX through the patented ONESOURCE tax engine to instantly determine precise taxability, validate the customer address, and apply the final tax decision back to the transaction in Microsoft Dynamics AX. This scalable, tightly integrated solution allows you to better manage your specific tax requirements and get a complete view of your sales tax liability from a single, unified platform.


Every day, companies all over the world, turn to ONESOURCE Indirect Tax to gain control over their back-office operations and boost the value of their business through accurate sales tax compliance. Discover the benefits of the most powerful transactional tax management solution on the market.


  • Automates sales, use and value-added tax management across your business.
  • Removes manual tax setups and rate tracking with built-in, continuously updated certified tax research.
  • Works behind the scenes of your existing ERP system with no disruption to user experience or workflows.


  • Scales to support business growth with an unrivaled global vantage point.
  • Offers enterprise-grade configurability to meet the specific tax needs of your company.
  • Connects easily with your other business systems, enabling company-wide tax automation.


  • Built following Microsoft development best practices to assure superior compatibility and functionality.
  • Powered by expert, in-house global tax research, removing the need to maintain tax rules.
  • Reduces risk to projects and ongoing operations with expert-led implementation and support.


The ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX enables companies to extend the functionality of their ERP software to handle the entire sales tax lifecycle – from tax calculation to signature-ready returns. This powerful integration delivers the SaaS capabilities users expect plus the robust features over 10,000 companies rely on globally.

Trusted Tax Research

Automatic tax rate updates for more than 16,000 tax authorities globally, backed by an internal team of tax research experts.

Precise Determination

Innovative geolocation technology pinpoints exact tax jurisdictions and boundaries, guaranteeing the right tax rate every time.

Product Taxability

Specific taxability codes can be mapped to millions of products and services with the click of a mouse.

Dynamic Reporting

Robust reporting includes built-in, customizable reports and signature-ready returns for easy filing and audit defense.

Custom Configuration

Advanced configuration capabilities make allowances for global workflow, rules and system data adjustments.

Patented Technology

Unparalleled versatility and reliability of the industry’s only patented sales, use and value-added tax calculation engine.

Address validation

USPS CASS-certified address validation quickly cleanses, verifies and stores addresses with roof-top level accuracy.

Exemption Management

Electronic collection and storage of all exemption and resale certificates allows for instant access and validation.

Supported Processes

Compatible with Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Returns Orders, Credits Notes, and more.

Flexible Integration Options

Connects to multiple business systems through expanded web services, data file integrator and configuration options.

Discover how your company can leverage the power of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX to align and automate your tax processes at every level of your business.