Certificate Manager Take control of exemption certificate management

Indirect Tax Certificate Manager

Minimize risk with seamless integration

Poor or nonexistent exemption certificate management is recognized as the leading cause of audit exposure for many corporate tax departments. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Certificate Manager can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud and empowers corporations to control all aspects of the burdensome exemption certificates lifecycle by reducing operation costs, mitigating risk, and increasing accuracy. Managing sales tax exemption and resale certificate paperwork and all of the collection, storage, tracking and filing that goes along with it can be manual and time consuming. Our solution provides a consolidated repository with a robust search engine that gives you access to certificates in a matter of seconds even from remote locations.

Your exemption certificate data will be integrated with our ONESOURCE Indirect Tax determination software to give you the peace of mind that you can be compliant and you are empowered with more accurate tax calculations and less exemption status disputes. Your information is always safe, readily available and enables customer master data maintenance in one secure web-based application. Our latest release provides the ability to assign local authorities, product codes, commodity codes, or limited filter criteria to exemption certificates.

Features of the latest release of our exemption certificate management solution include:

  • Exemption certificate management reduces the total cost of managing a company’s exemption certificates. With a centralized repository of exemption certificates across the organization, tax professionals are better able to enter, find and report on exemption certificates to accurately calculate indirect tax calculations, compliance reporting, audit defense and exemption status disputes.

  • Determination integration enables more accurate tax calculations via integration with the market-leading tax calculation engine. Tax exemptions are immediately applied to the determination tax engine, providing users with consistent data across the applications for compliance and audit purposes.

  • Notifications allow users to easily notify their customers of upcoming expired certificates to proactively begin the process of receiving updated certificates. Users can streamline their customer notification process by saving templates for easy re-use of messages. By using the built-in library of message variables, users can develop templates that can be used in mass notifications, but still be personalized for each customer and their certificate record data.

  • Built-in forms library includes over 300 current and historic forms for use and is maintained and regularly updated by the Thomson Reuters tax research department. The forms library saves tax department resources from constantly researching new or updated exemption forms, and form definitions help to streamline data entry by building rules and required fields into the form content.

  • Reporting allows users to easily create customized reports specific to their needs, including driving business processes, data extraction, audit requests, data integrity, and data reconciliation. Users can save reports definitions, making them available to all users, and easily export data into Excel or CSV formats as needed to share with auditors or stakeholders.

  • Certificate Manager Portal improves receiving and entering exemption certificates into the Certificate Manager system through a web interface. Now your customers can self-upload exemption certificates for acceptance directly into the Certificate Manager Portal, removing your data entry burden.