Indirect Tax integration for Oracle Oracle integration offers more control and accuracy over tax decisions

Indirect Tax Integration for Oracle

Remove manual tax and I.T. burdens and achieve reliable global compliance with our Oracle integration

The ONESOURCE Indirect Tax solution empowers medium-sized through multi-national corporations to significantly improve the accuracy of indirect tax determination and reduce costs throughout the overall indirect tax lifecycle. The ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for Oracle integrates seamlessly with Oracle E-Business Suite for consolidated transaction tax management and is recognized as an Oracle Validated Integration. Customers can rest assured that our solution has achieved Oracle Validated status, has passed all of the requirements to ensure a smooth integration and our continued commitment to keeping our integration up to date with the latest versions of the Oracle E-Business Suite.

The ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for Oracle enables companies to:

  • Eliminate error-prone, manual calculations at the transaction level
  • Take away the need to store and maintain tax rates and rules within Oracle
  • Remove manual jurisdiction code or tax code assignments during transaction processing to support increased tax accuracy and appropriate accounting/general ledger posting
  • Access robust, vendor-charged tax and accrual functionality for procure-to-pay process flows

With the ONESOURCE Indirect Tax solution, the latest rates, rules and updates are delivered automatically, and the system supports complex tax rules such as max/min and tiered tax. As business increases around the world, your tax process can scale with it. Our international value-added tax capabilities cover countries and regions around the world.

Inventory Movement

Our software also provides a more accurate tax determination for inventory movement in Oracle E-Business Suite release 12. As your inventory strays from original assumptions, your transaction taxes need to keep pace. With ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for Oracle 12 Inventory Movement, you can avoid manual processes and accurately determine and apply sales and use taxes on inventory movements or goods movements.