DataFlow 2018 A tool to help collect, organize and optimize your data at every step

DataFlow 2018

Streamline the data collection process

Data management, organization, and optimization

Most tax departments spend 80% of their time collecting and manually inputting data and 20% reviewing it. ONESOURCE DataFlow 2018 can flip those proportions and transform how you gather, use, store, and reuse data across your tax processes — increasing data management efficiency and enabling you to focus on what you do best: tax.

From foreign subsidiary tax packages, to questionnaires and information requests ONESOURCE DataFlow 2018 helps facilitate the data collection process around any activity.

Efficiently collect and store

DataFlow 2018 operates as a central hub for data collection throughout ONESOURCE. DataFlow 2018 creates a common template that can be leveraged across multiple entities to collect and centralize data. This common template minimizes the administrative burden of managing multiple Microsoft Excel® files and versions, and efficiently facilitates your global data collection process while offering greater flexibility and visibility.

Automate and standardize tax workpapers

The common templates in DataFlow 2018 can be used to standardize and automate tax workpapers. Numerous excel files can be streamlined into a common template offering consistency and standardization. You control the view, format, and organization of the template as well as which in-house staff and extern sources are granted access to it.

Extract and move data easily

Data which is collected, entered, and stored in DataFlow 2018 can be reused and leveraged to supplement any process. Common data which was collected as a part of the Tax Provision could be retrieved and reused to also supplement the Tax Return. This reuse of data will minimize the rekeying of information as well as increase the efficiency within your department.

Achieve tangible results with ONESOURCE DataFlow 2018

ONESOURCE DataFlow 2018 customers have achieved:

  • 10,000 hour reduction in overall tax compliance and provision process
  • Filing federal tax returns two months early
  • Accelerated their Return to Accruals calculation process by five months, reporting in September rather than January
  • Automated over 75% of book-tax adjustments calculations

Other benefits:

  • Allows you automate how you gather, use, store, and reuse data
  • Eliminates the need for manual consolidation, making data available for global retrieval, consolidation, and reporting directly from Excel
  • Allows you to standardize and organize workpapers and process more accurate information
  • Enables you to track the status of data requests and ease the communication process for data providers
  • Helps you to reduce human error by eliminating the need to rekey data
  • Extracts the maximum value from your data

Your data, harmonized

See how to solve one of the biggest problems in tax departments everywhere — data management. Gathering data worldwide and streamlining tax packages has always been a challenge. Until now. Learn how you can leverage data management solutions from ONESOURCE for your compliance needs.

Enhanced performance and productivity

See how tax professionals achieved data optimization with ONESOURCE DataFlow.

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