Estimated Payments
Software that calculates estimated tax payments quickly and accurately

Why choose Estimated Payments

When you’re preparing estimated tax payments, the last thing you want to do is waste time reentering and recalculating your information. Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Estimated Payments pulls from existing tax data to calculate estimated federal and state income tax, then generates detailed documentation. Up-to-date tax laws are built into the software, helping you reduce research time. And Estimated Payments is integrated with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Income Tax, Tax Provision, and State Apportionment software, giving you a combined solution that radically reduces both manual input and data errors.

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What you get with our Income Tax add-on

Reduced data entry

Automatically pull in existing tax data to save time and avoid errors.

Integrated tax law content

Make research quick and efficient with a built-in, customizable tax law database.

Simplified voucher preparation

Automatically populate state-approved vouchers with calculation results.

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Easily integrate Estimated Payments into your tax workflow with our intuitive interface.

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