Foreign-trade zone (FTZ) software Automated FTZ management allows you to expedite the import and export of goods and services while reducing customs duty and MPF

Why choose Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) Management

Companies participating in a U.S. foreign-trade zone receive many cost-saving and operational benefits, including reduction or elimination of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) duty payments and Merchandise Processing Fee (MPF). They also benefit from inverted tariffs, duty-free re-exports, and a more efficient supply chain.

More than 3,000 firms in the U.S. are currently using FTZ software in their supply chain strategy. With ONESOURCE Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) Management, you have the necessary tools to manage your zone operations, maximize cost-savings opportunities, and expedite the movement across borders. Interface with your external partners, create reports as needed, and use dynamic Bills of Material (BOMs) to keep inventory counts accurate.

What you get with our FTZ software

Duty savings

Eliminate, defer, or reduce U.S. Customs and Border Protection duty payments by taking advantage of inverted tariffs, duty-free re-exports, and merchandise processing fee cap.

Faster speed to market

Deliver goods directly to the FTZ without customs application and approval delays — resulting in faster inventory turnover and improved cash flow.

Improved inventory accuracy

Balance inventory reconciliation with ERP systems daily and use dynamic BOMs to provide real-life process flows.

Automated reports

Create required reports for the FTZ Board and CBP, including warehousing details, use of materials, supply chain records, and customs classifications.

Increased transparency

Gain visibility into the entire import/export and manufacturing process and all transactions through a superior audit trail.

Efficient FTZ management

Manage global trade operations - single or multiple subzones - from a single web-based platform, incl. e-filing all CBP documentation, e.g. entry filings, e214, QP/WP


Building the Business Case for Foreign-Trade Zones

The duty savings from an FTZ software can add up to millions in the span of a year. These savings, coupled with various supply chain benefits, help US-based companies become more competitive in the global marketplace.

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