Bridging the future: How ONESOURCE helps one company move forward with their tax technology road map


Tax technology manager, Sharon Rosiak shares how the ONESOURCE suite of products help integrate and scale resulting in time savings she can build upon

As Tax Technology Manager at Martin Marietta, Sharon Rosiak was responsible for aligning the tax technology road map and budget across all areas of tax: federal, state, international, sales and use, and property tax. Aligning those initiatives meant understanding where Martin Marietta was heading as a company and allying them with Thomson Reuters’ technology road map.

Rosiak has been using Thomson Reuters products for about ten years and implementing the Direct Tax suite including ONESOURCE Income Tax, WorkFlow Manager, ONESOURCE Data Apportionment, and Provision at Martin Marietta since 2016. For Rosiak, these integrations, including one with their ERP system, JD Edwards, make for a complete end-to-end system, with the various modules providing the flexibility to design the enabling technology for the way the company runs its business processes.

It is vitally important for Rosiak to identify what Martin Marietta wants to accomplish presently and what they want to achieve moving forward to bridge some of the gaps and ultimately lay a solid foundation for the future. For her, Martin Marietta is in an exciting, forward-looking position, taking data analytics, robotic process automation, forging ahead with a proof of concept ideas, using scalable solutions that will impact, not only the company but tax and finance as well.

Being in tax technology for as many years as she has, Rosiak has had exposure to a lot of vendors with a lot of different tools, especially on the income tax and direct tax side. What she likes about the Thomson Reuters suite is it is an engine driver for tax versus a database with a user interface– in her opinion, that stymies creativity. She likes that, depending on a variety of factors, like process and volume of transactions, she can choose between modules like ONESOURCE Data Apportionment, DataFlow, and Provision and apply it to state information with the effective tax rate, for tax return, for compliance, or estimated payments. The solution helps the data run smoothly, integrate and scale easily, which results in time savings that she can build upon.

This year is the first time Rosiak and her team was able to get their taxable income and return ready to go months ahead of time. They are also well on their way to automate sales and use tax, not just use tax reconciliation, but also sales tax and return reconciliation using ONESOURCE and other productivity tools that exist within ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager. To Rosiak, she relies on a hybrid of tools for what she is trying to accomplish: simple, standard and scalable. All of this is very exciting for Rosiak as she can bring these areas of tax together: sales and use, property tax, income tax, and international, under one platform, and for Martin Marietta, that's ONESOURCE.