Move Your Firm Forward with Accounting Automation

The need for intelligent information hasn't changed—what's changed is client expectations and the technology behind collecting and presenting that information.

Attend a free webcast and hear how Chris Fleming, Accounting CS customer and the managing member of Fleming & Associates, successfully streamlined and automated the accounting cycle at his firm.

Today's forward-thinking firms are looking toward a future that places them in a more consultative role, spending less time on nuts-and-bolts work like gathering information, maintaining software, preparing documents and more. Firms of the future are focused on reducing overhead and a strategy that puts firms on a path to a less tactical, more advisory role in the eyes of clients.

That's where Accounting CS comes in—hear how Chris Fleming successfully used this revolutionary software to solve pain points for his firm: from attracting and retaining talented staff to exceeding client expectations. Join us to learn how one firm has saved time, improved profit margins and provided more value-added client services with Accounting CS.

During this free webcast, you'll see how taking advantage of the latest Accounting CS tools can help you:

  • Reach greater profitability and drive the key performance metrics of your firm.
  • Amaze your clients with a highly valued service that provides them with the resources to make smarter business decisions.
  • Gather and handle client bookkeeping data more efficiently.
  • Reduce or eliminate manual data entry come tax time.