Upgrade your outdated audit software

The software you use to perform audits is critical to your business. Why would you settle for less than the best in accuracy, quality, and efficiency? Upgrading your audit software is a sure way to improve the way you do business and take your firm from good to great. Cloud Audit Suite from Thomson Reuters offers the tools, resources, and integrations you need to audit confidently from anywhere. Upgrade today!

  • Why make the switch to cloud-based software?

    Remote work made easy with cloud technology

    • Number 1 reason people switch to cloud software is ability to access data anywhere (source 1)
    • Workloads being hosted on the cloud increased to 60% in 2020 compared to 45% in 2018 (source 1)

    Don’t be the last to adopt!

    • 90% of companies already use cloud-based services. For clients, the convenience of cloud-based software is the expectation, not the exception.
    • Workloads being hosted on the cloud are expected to jump to 94% in 2021, thanks to remote work becoming a new normal (source 1).

    Why switch to Thomson Reuters® AdvanceFlow?


    • Files in AdvanceFlow cannot be accessed without login credentials
    • Restrict IP addresses and client lists

    Real-time collaboration

    • Unlike other auditing software, AdvanceFlow allows multiple users to access binders and trial balances simultaneously

    Speed and efficiency

    • AdvanceFlow processes large trial balances faster than the competition
    • Time spent importing a 50,000 line trial balance:
    • AdvanceFlow: 1 minute, 10 seconds
    • Other auditing software: 15 minutes

Thomson Reuters AdvanceFlow is the first cloud-based audit engagement software that combines the convenience of the cloud with enterprise-level processing power