GoFileRoom and FirmFlow APIs

Quick access to a document management and workflow solution

Bring GoFileRoom and FirmFlow into your internal systems

GoFileRoom and FirmFlow combine document management, scanning, and workflow technologies into a single cloud-based solution to streamline these services and create a truly paperless office. Access your documents and workflows 24/7 with live cloud-based storage integrated with related solutions for a seamless experience.

The GoFileRoom and FirmFlow APIs allow for quick access to a document management and workflow solution through use of simple REST communication endpoints. These endpoints implement a JSON-based messaging structure, which allows for concise, live and real time requests to the GoFileRoom and FirmFlow products.

There are currently about 75 GoFileRoom APIs available – all of which can be found on the TR Developer Portal at developerportal.tr.com. With the GoFileRoom APIs, you can bring the benefits of GoFileRoom into your internal systems to provide new ways to make GoFileRoom and FirmFlow work for your firm.

Thomson Reuters Live APIs have earned Honorable Mention for Accounting Today's Top New Products for 2023!

Discover ways to put these APIs to work in your firm

  • Automate many administrative tasks
  • Create, modify, and set permissions for users
  • Automatically upload and search documents
  • Update logins as email addresses change
  • Automate reports related to deliverables within FirmFlow
  • View your data within different data visualization applications
  • Automatically create workflows
  • Live sync workflow information in real time with other applications
  • Automatically route workflows
  • Integrate GoFileRoom and FirmFlow with IoT

Streamline your practice and save time

Fewer resources

Eliminate the need for a software developer to consume GoFileRoom and FirmFlow APIs

Simple start

Use the APIs without needing to know how to program in specific languages

Broad features

Increase capabilities and efficiency with more than 75 GoFileRoom and FirmFlow APIs

Solutions that work better together

Enhance your document management and workflow experience with API connectors and Thomson Reuters Professional Services

Microsoft Connectors

Automate workflows and tasks across multiple applications and services without developers
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Zapier Apps

Connect GoFileRoom to more than 2,000 other apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible

Automation Consultation

Let our professionals assess your firm's current workflows to see where we can leverage automation to improve.
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FirmFlow Power BI Package

Connect to your FirmFlow data directly within Power BI!
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Awards and recognition

Thomson Reuters’ Live APIs recently received an Honorable Mention in Accounting Today’s 2023 Top New Products of the year!

API Roadmaps

Development roadmaps highlight the features that are, or will soon be, available for select Thomson Reuters tax and accounting APIs.

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