GoSystem Tax APIs

Quick access to a tax workflow solution

Integrate GoSystem Tax with the rest of your application tech stack

GoSystem Tax APIs enable you to automate tax workflow processes related to e-Filing, printing, and importing/exporting tax return data. Import hundreds of partners into a partnership return or update a specific value within the tax return in real time using REST APIs.

These endpoints implement a JSON-based messaging structure, which allows for concise, lightning-fast requests to the GoSystem Tax product. The GoSystem Tax APIs have asynchronous APIs which allows for time consuming requests to process in the background while other requests are made.

There are currently about 38 GoSystem Tax REST APIs available – all of which can be found on the TR Developer Portal.

Discover ways to put these APIs to work in your firm

  • Automate the e-File process. Validate, create, submit, and retrieve acknowledgement statuses.
  • Automatically print your tax returns to PDF. Print the entire tax return or print components such as K1 packages.
  • Automatically import and export data into a tax return from your workpapers using Data Connection and/or Direct K1.
  • Automatically read or write information into a tax return in real time using REST APIs.
  • Create an e-File dashboard with different data visualization applications
  • Integrate GoSystem Tax with other applications
  • Use the GoSystem Tax Real-Time APIs to view prior year return information in real time.
  • Use the GoSystem Tax Real-Time APIs to view the GoSystem Organizer and Tax Form screen in an interactive iFrame.

Streamline your practice and save time

Increase accuracy

Eliminate the need to enter the same data into multiple places by importing information into a tax return

Improved speed

Use the new Real-Time APIs import data into a tax return within seconds rather than minutes

Broad features

Increase capabilities and efficiency with more than 38 GoSystem APIs

Solutions that work better together

Enhance your tax workflow experience with Thomson Reuters Professional Services and Thomson Reuters Partners.


Integrate directly with Thomson Reuters partners such as SurePrep to import data directly into a tax return.

Real-Time APIs

Create integration with your own applications by embedding the GoSystem Organizer and Tax Form view in an interactive iFrame.

Professional Services

Partner with Thomson Reuters to implement custom API solutions

Thomson Reuters Marketplace

View prebuilt solutions which integrate with GoSystem Tax such as the Power BI E-File Dashboard. 
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API Roadmaps

Development roadmaps highlight the features that are, or will soon be, available for select Thomson Reuters tax and accounting APIs

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