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UltraTax CS Express 100

High powered tax software that fits your budget

Looking for robust, time-saving tax software at a price you can afford? Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS Express provides all the power of the award-winning UltraTax CS platform — packaged specifically for firms who prepare up to 100 client tax returns per year. This professional tax software powers your entire tax workflow, delivers time-saving tools, and ensures you are adding value for your clients.

What you get with our advanced tax software for smaller firms

Advanced e-filing

Instant prep checklist

Access to simple 1040s and complex 1120, 1041, 1065 and 990 returns

Multiple monitors

Streamlined return review

Flexible client collaboration

What’s the difference between UltraTax CS and UltraTax CS Express?

  UltraTax CS UltraTax CS Express
Number of client tax returns Unlimited Up to 100
Multiple users One user only
Number of states All available states Up to 10 states
Tax forms available All applicable forms 1040, 1120, 1065, 1041 and 990 forms
Oil & Gas Module available  
Works with Virtual Office CS  
Integrates with advanced asset management software  
Available to current UltraTax CS customers New customers only
Available to purchase online  

See UltraTax CS Express in action


View client information all at once


Get powerful, comprehensive analytical diagnostics


Avoid entering the same information multiple times


1 user access

UltraTax CS Express 100


Our world class tax compliance software with support for 100 returns. Prepare and e-file:

  • Up to 100 individual 1040 federal tax returns
  • Corresponding state returns for up to 10 unique states, at no additional charge
  • Up to 25 business returns in the supported form types: 990, 1120, 1065, 1041**
*The initial purchase price will be subject to standard annual price increases upon renewal. This offer is available to new tax software customers and for non-current UltraTax CS customers only.
**Business returns will be deducted from your 100-return allotment.

Frequently asked questions

  • If you go over your return limit, please reach out to Sales to inquire about our upgrade options.

  • No, this is an offer for new tax software customers and for non-current Thomson Reuters UltraTax CS customers only.

  • UltraTax CS Express is available for one user only. If more users are necessary, contact the sales team at 800-968-8900​.

  • The initial purchase price will be subject to standard annual price increases upon renewal.

  • Our UltraTax Navigation training course is included with your UltraTax CS Express purchase and will be received during the onboarding process. If you would like to purchase more training, please ask your sales rep about our Foundational Implementation training package.

  • UltraTax CS Express includes phone, e-mail, and chat support, as well as 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art Help and How-to Center with thousands of articles and content.

  • For UltraTax CS Express, visit our conversion toolkit page.

  • No. UltraTax CS Express does not have all of the same functionality as UltraTax CS. You should purchase UltraTax CS if you need more than one user, need more than 100 returns a year, need Virtual Office CS, or access to the Oil and Gas module. You should also consider UltraTax CS if you need forms beyond 1040, 1120, 1065, 1041, and 990 or if you need to file returns in more than ten states.

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