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Physicians are facing practice management challenges under the new healthcare laws that they have never faced before. Likewise, business owners have had to make changes to their healthcare policies and accounting practices to remain compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). Your expertise can make the process less painful for both client types – doctors and executives – within your target healthcare market.

Project more ROI with health care reform articles and newsletters without sacrificing billable time

We provide content for your firm’s website, blog, social media channels and newsletters on a variety of healthcare, healthcare reform and medical practice management topics so that you may quickly and easily nurture both segments of your practice – healthcare providers as well as business owners – without sacrificing your billable time.

Whether your accounting firm has spent years developing a healthy niche practice that serves medical practitioners, doctors and healthcare organizations and shares the latest healthcare accounting developments to your corporate clients, or is just beginning to delve into this specialized market, you need to maximize your brand awareness to retain existing business and continue to expand your client base. Regularly sharing practice management and health care reform articles enables you to remain top of mind and reinforce your expertise with referral sources, prospects and clients.

Inform and guide doctors with physician newsletters and articles on medical practice management

Nurture your physician and medical industry contacts with medical practice management articles that offer tips and strategies to help them with:

  • Capitation and billing
  • Malpractice protection
  • Buy-sell agreements and succession planning
  • Record management systems
  • HIPAA and other compliance issues
  • Human resource management and benefits
  • Fees and reimbursements
  • Tax and estate planning

Educate business owners and executives with healthcare reform articles

Read a sample medical practice management articleBusiness executives and entrepreneurs will greatly value your thought leadership when you distribute insights and guidance about the ACA and other pertinent healthcare reform articles and content, including:

  • Minimizing ACA-related taxes
  • Planning strategies related to the ACA
  • Controlling organizational costs
  • Relevant IRS and other government-issued guidance
  • Reporting requirements
  • Results of ACA-related surveys
  • Updates on important ACA-related litigation

Cultivate better relationships with healthcare marketing solutions to grow your bottom line

Our comprehensive healthcare marketing solutions are designed to help your accounting firm strengthen client relationships and demonstrate your firm’s ability to meet the needs of this unique subset. We’ll help you market your services, build brand awareness within the healthcare niche and provide informative content that positions your firm as a thought leader.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Our firm has provided tax and accounting services to hundreds of businesses and individuals over the past 30 years. So it’s hard for them to see us as a provider of business consulting and CFO services, too. Our [Checkpoint Marketing for Firms] newsletter has been very helpful in getting our name out there and letting people know about the many ways we can help them. It features our ‘Business Doctor’ logo in the masthead with an image of our managing partner, Brett Newberry, dressed as a doctor introducing the first article of each issue. It’s helped people to see us differently and has also been a great source of content for our social media posts.”

Renee Jaramillo, Client Relations Director
Newberry & Associates, Ltd.

We can help you determine exactly which healthcare marketing solutions will best meet your needs, budget and goals. Call us at 866.240.8477 and discover how our accounting content marketing tools can help you sustain and grow your niche healthcare and other specialty practice areas.

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