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Why choose Emerging Tax and Regulation Alerts

Keeping up with the latest tax and regulatory changes can be challenging and time consuming. On top of that, you have to assess the changes, vet sources, and write easy-to-understand analyses to share with clients. Yet it’s important to keep up on these developments and share them, so your firm is recognized as an authority in the evolving regulatory landscape.

That’s why we developed Checkpoint Marketing for Firms - Emerging Tax and Regulation Alerts from Thomson Reuters. These full-length articles are provided in multiple formats for quick and easy publishing on social media or your website’s blog. They cover both proposed and newly passed legislation — as well as major regulatory changes that affect individual or business financial management. Our experienced editors boil down the most complex details for each topic and present them in plain language that is easily understandable to clients.

What you get with Emerging Tax and Regulation Alerts

Professionally written alerts

Receive a minimum of 18 long-form alerts covering late-breaking proposals, new laws, and regulatory updates as they unfold.

Alerts drafted for social media

Get abbreviated posts written specifically for social media.

Eye-catching graphics

Post relevant imagery or infographics to accompany each social media post.

Dedicated marketing specialist

Collaborate with a dedicated marketing specialist on your social media strategy and overall marketing goals. ​

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