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Social Media Manager
Take your social media status to the next level with a centralized platform that reaches all your clients

Why choose Social Media Manager

Distributing content effectively across multiple social media sites and maneuvering through an ever-evolving social media landscape can be a challenge that requires skill, knowledge, and the right resources. Let Checkpoint Marketing for Firms - Social Media Manager from Thomson Reuters help you navigate your way through. With this social media marketing tool for CPAs, you can post to all your accounts, source ready-to-use content, and evaluate performance from one central social media platform.

What you get with Social Media Manager

Manage from one place

Oversee all of your social media activity from a single source.

Connect unlimited profiles

Connect up to 18 social media sites with an unlimited amount of profiles.

Draft content

Manage your content, or import ours, within the platform for quick publishing.

Schedule posts

​Schedule content to automatically post at specific times.

Track performance

Measure your social media marketing performance, and monitor your competition's positioning while influencing discussions.

Boost your strategy

Improve your social media standings with content integration options and expert guidance.

Dedicated marketing specialist

Collaborate with a dedicated marketing specialist on your social media strategy and overall marketing goals.

Social media marketing for accounting firms

Who says you need a marketing department to market your firm on social media? Do more with less with Checkpoint Marketing for Firms social media solutions. We make it easy to streamline your social media activities, save time, and increase your social return on investment.


What our customers are saying


Customer interview

Betty Gonzalez

Hear how Betty Gonzalez, CPA has embraced social media to reach the millennial generation, share timely news and updates, and advance her firm.


Customer interview

Alexa Key, Alexander Thompson Arnold, PLLC

Hear how Alexa Key, marketing coordinator at Alexander Thompson Arnold, PLLC, leverages social media content and the Social Media Manager publishing tool from Checkpoint Marketing for Firms to portray her firm as a thought leader.


Customer interview

Brent Forbush, Forbush & Associates

Brent Forbush, CPA discusses how his firm, Forbush & Associates, has leveraged Checkpoint Marketing for Firms social media solutions to jump-start his firm's social media presence, while also freeing up his time, enabling him to run his firm, manage people and projects, cultivate client relationships, and build more business.

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