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Not-For-Profit Non-profit marketing newsletters & articles help you demonstrate thought leadership

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Non-profit organizations have unique tax, accounting and consulting needs. Don’t lose business to competitors who regularly touch base with contacts. Cultivate the long-term relationships your firm needs by consistently offering guidance and direction in order to keep your firm top of mind and reinforce your role as a trusted advisor.

Boost your not-for-profit marketing by sharing tips and strategies that help your clients succeed

Designed for accountants to increase visibility in the market, enhance top-of-mind awareness and develop stronger client and referral relationships in the not for profit practice area niche, our non-profit content marketing articles and other communication tools are available in a variety of formats (print, email, digital, HTML). Choose the tools that give you maximum flexibility, impact and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you want to showcase your firm’s internal controls expertise, update contacts about UBIT and other tax issues, or simply offer them advice on how to spot employee fraud, we have the content marketing solutions that will best fit your needs. Our professionally written non-profit newsletters and articles cover a wide variety of topics of interest to not-for-profit organizations, including:

  • Non-profit organization, structure and governance
  • Internal controls / fraud prevention
  • UBIT and other tax issues
  • Audits and compliance
  • Investments and fund management
  • Donor relations / fundraising
  • Employee benefits and human resources
  • Technology / accounting systems

Non-profit marketing newsletters and articles help you demonstrate thought leadership

No matter which of our non-profit marketing services you choose to boost your not-for-profit niche practice area, you will obtain the perfect mechanism to nurture and cultivate long-term business relationships with:

  • Clients, prospects and referral sources
  • Nonprofit organization executives, directors and trustees
  • Colleges, universities, fraternities, sororities and alumni groups
  • Churches, charities and cultural institutions

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As for the cost of any email newsletter, your firm’s leadership would hopefully come to understand there is value to using a tool that will provide a solid foundation and direction for your marketing program, and now is the best time to start. Also, if you track your results by recording new business leads generated over time, you’ll see that new revenue gained will more than offset the cost.

It was a very big deal for our firm to start generating an email newsletter, but we chose to embrace the change and run with it. We have never regretted it.”

Cheryl K. Smyers, Marketing Manager
Stambaugh Ness, PC

Develop better relationships and increase your firm’s business in the nonprofit segment with time-saving, cost-effective content marketing solutions for accountants. Call us at 866.240.8477 or submit the form below to learn more.

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