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Be ready for the Customs Broker License Exam

3 steps for success with Boskage preparation and materials

Why choose the Boskage Customs Broker License Exam preparation course

Let Boskage prepare you for success in the Customs Broker License Exam with 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Research. Learn about the broker exam with our free course and info pack, plus a free exam consultation.

Step 2: Acquire. The Customs Broker License Exam is an open-book test. Every exam student must bring these required testing materials:

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS)

Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations, (CBP Regulations)

Exam Room Guide (ACE Business Document, etc.)

Or bundle to save

Required Testing Material Package (includes our Guarantee of Correct Editions)

Step 3: Prepare. The Boskage Preparation Course comes with books, audio, online lessons, mentor, exams with commentary, protest guidance.

What you get with Boskage Customs Broker Exam preparation

Guarantee of success

Pass or continue your study for free! (Upon receipt of exam results). Up to $1129 value.

Guarantee of correct editions

Correct editions for the listed exam. Immediately receive available editions; auto update if needed.

Expert commentary

Ten past exams with explanations for each question, and protest advisory.

Email mentor

Email address puts you in touch with an expert to answer your questions.

Fully accredited

All courses carry CCS/CES ongoing credits through the NCBFAA Education Institute (NEI)

Free course

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Pass the Exam

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