Happy Clients, Happy Firm: Tips for Keeping Your Clients Coming Back

Type: On-demand
Duration: 45 minutes

Jenny Riggs

Corey Greene

Market feedback notes that the changes brought about by evolving legislation and ever-advancing technology have caused a shift in client expectations. For the first time in U.S. history, there are four generations in the workforce. Each generation has preferences around communication and differing levels of comfort with technology that impact the way they want to engage with your firm. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has added another layer of complexity, as it is the most substantial change in tax legislation in some tax professionals’ careers. Whether your clients voiced concerns about this year’s tax season or you’re interested in all-around happier clients, improving the experience that you provide to clients is a worthy endeavor.

Join this webinar to gain tips to help your firm make the most of the off season to be ready for next year. We’ll focus on:

  • How generational differences and technological advancements have impacted client expectations.
  • How to ensure that your staff is supported in meeting client needs and communicating with them the way they prefer.
  • Tools that can empower staff to find the information that they need to serve clients proactively.


Featured speakers

Jenny Riggs

Head of Customer Success for Tax Professionals | Thomson Reuters

Jenny joined Thomson Reuters in April 2002 and is the Head of Customer Success for Tax Professionals customer segment. She has over 20 years of experience working in small business consulting, software development and leading product technical support. Jenny started her career in Tax and Accounting advising small/mid-size accounting firms. She has 15 years of software development experience. As Head of Customer Success, Jenny and her team provide insight to customers’ pain points, while taking a holistic approach to support and service and working collaboratively across Tax Professionals to support growth initiatives, especially in digital channels. Jenny is currently the Chair for the Michigan Chapter of Women @ TR. She has a BA degree from Lourdes University and an MBA from the University of Toledo. Outside of work, Jenny is an avid reader and spends a lot of time with her family at their lake cottage.  Jenny is also a professional mentor and spends time volunteering in her community.

Corey Greene

Customer Proposition Strategy Lead | Thomson Reuters

Corey Greene has been with the Tax & Accounting Professionals business of Thomson Reuters since June of 2013 and currently serves on the Customer Proposition team, where he’s responsible for contributing to product roadmap decisions, sales and marketing strategy, product packaging decisions, and the building of strategic relationships. Corey’s prior experience within the organization includes serving as the Product Manager of Tax Software. In this role, Corey helped define sales and marketing strategies, pricing options, and product roadmap prioritization. He also spent several years in Technical Support serving as Product Lead for both UltraTax CS and GoSystem Tax RS, which included training both staff and customers. Corey graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and is a 2020 MBA graduate candidate at EMU.


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