The Future of Tax Automation

How software elevates your firm's recruitment and retention

2023 year end tax strategy plan


Dan Kolleth

Solutions Consultant Thomson Reuters

Scott Keil

Solutions Consultant Thomson Reuters

Join us as we explore the future of tax automation and gain valuable insight into staying ahead of the curve in recruiting and retention

In today's competitive landscape, the pursuit of top-tier talent acquisition, development, and retention remains an ongoing challenge for numerous organizations. This engaging webcast offers an in-depth exploration of the pivotal role of automation and technology in reshaping the industry.

By harnessing the power of automation tools such as UltraTax CS and SurePrep, businesses can revolutionize their recruitment and retention strategies, positioning themselves as industry leaders for current and emerging professionals.

  • Dan Kolleth

    Dan has been with Thomson Reuters since July 2015, spending over six years in support before becoming a Solutions Consultant. He holds a Master of Education from Grand Canyon University and a Bachelor of History from Oakland University. He has three cats, a dog, a seven-year-old son, and just celebrated his 11th anniversary with his wife.

  • Scott Keil

    Scott has worked as a Solutions Consultant with Thomson Reuters since February 2019. His primary focus has been delivering interactive demonstrations geared toward our tax and firm management solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Business Management from Western Michigan University. He has a three-year-old monster, Bennett, and a wife of five years, Beth.

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