Protecting Your Firm and Clients from Security Threats

Type On-demand webinar
Duration 1 hour
Speakers Christina Wiseman

All the recent talk about security can be overwhelming, especially with security experts saying that firms should prepare for when — not if — they experience a data breach. While there’s no guarantee of safety in any part of our lives, there are steps we can take to bolster our safety. Just as seat belts are now mandatory to protect us in our cars, the accounting profession has implemented mandatory security measures this past year to keep your data safe, and we want to help you take even more realistic steps to help protect yourself and your clients.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How cybercriminals are attacking the profession
  • What steps you are required to take to secure your firm
  • Additional ways you can further enhance your firm’s security

Featured speakers

Christina Wiseman

Product Manager, Centralized Services and Transitions at Thomson Reuters

Christina Wiseman, MBS, Product Manager, Centralized Services and Transitions at Thomson Reuters, is committed to helping tax and accounting professionals meet staff and client technology and trust expectations. After almost 20 years in the profession, she finds joy in combining her technical and business expertise to help guide people to be their best. As a Product Manager for the past seven years, Christina has integrated knowledge from technical professionals at Thomson Reuters, perspectives from the professionals she serves, and ideas from related verticals to find solutions to meet the needs of tax and accounting firms. From her time in support and training roles, to her roles in product management, she has helped thousands of firms become confident with cloud and client portal technology, while integrating mobile concepts into product design and firm workflow.
In her current role, she helps provide overall strategy for data privacy, data governance, cybersecurity, and online product management. Since 2016, she has focused primarily on educating the profession on security threats and trends that can impact the productivity, profitability, and reputation of firms, as well as the financial stability of their clients. Her passion is to help firms see cybersecurity as a way of life, and a positive area of expertise that they can bring to their clients. Working with associations and consultants, with IRS Criminal Investigations, and through other speaking and writing activities, Christina has worked to translate cybersecurity information into profession-specific knowledge accessible to all firms.
Christina received her undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems from Millikin University, her Masters of Business Science in Information Technology from Colorado University, and PMC-V certification from Pragmatic Marketing.

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