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Winning strategies for a more profitable tax season in 2023

Winning strategies for a more profitable tax season


Paul Miller

Founder & Advisor, Business By Design

Brittany Lanphier

Managing Partner, Lanphier LLP

Mucki Sobania

Senior Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

Join us to hear from our expert panel and keep your firm on track this tax season with strategies you can adopt to have your most successful — and least stressful — tax season yet.

Tax busy season is the most demanding time of year for industry professionals. It requires the most of every practitioner and it finds client demands at levels not seen at any other time of the year. Firms need to find ways to accommodate client demands without burning out their teams. They also need to find strategies to address client questions and demands that fall outside the scope of their existing work agreements.

Join Thomson Reuters Senior Solutions Consultant Mucki Sobania and guests Paul Miller, owner of Business by Design, and Brittany Lanphier, CPA and managing partner at Lanphier Accounting LLP, as they unlock the power of “selling” advisory services during tax season.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • The benefits and opportunities for providing advisory services during tax season.
  • How tax professionals can up-sell during tax season and leverage an advisory-centric software and a program that builds a scalable advisory services model and standardizes processes.
  • The right pricing model and the importance of understanding the value of your services.

Tax professionals see increased demand for business advice lasting beyond the pandemic and 59% feel highly confident stepping into this role for their clients. By the end of this webcast, you should walk away feeling confident in your advisory services and have a plan for pricing them accordingly.

Additional details

  • Paul Miller
    Founder & Advisor, Business By Design

    For almost 20 years, Paul Miller has been building his firm with a focus on meeting client needs beyond compliance work and a business consultancy mindset.

    When he became self-employed in 1993, Paul found resources for tax planning, business structure/entity optimization, and overall business coaching difficult to find. After founding Business By Design in Edina, Minnesota, his goal was to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses be more tax efficient and make smarter business decisions, in addition to providing traditional accounting firm services.

    Today, Paul has developed a firm that provides high-margin business coaching, tax planning, and asset protection services for small businesses, employing many of the same tax-planning strategies that larger firms offer. This creates a trusted advisor relationship with his clients, builds multiple income streams for his firm, and establishes the firm’s unique value proposition. Whether it’s tax savings, business transition guidance, or equity-building strategies, clients see the value Business by Design delivers — thereby virtually eliminating the client fee pressure situations many accounting firms find themselves in today.

  • Brittany Lanphier
    Managing Partner, Lanphier LLP

    Brittany is managing partner of Lanphier LLP, a tax and advisory firm in Denver, Colorado, that she established with her husband Dennis in 2009. Over the past 12 years, they have developed their practice around a relationship-based, advisory-focused approach to client service.

    Brittany and Dennis established their firm upon exiting a Big 4 accounting firm with a vision for bringing big-firm expertise to a boutique environment, serving small businesses and individuals with sophisticated tax needs. However, in their first six years in practice, they found themselves running up against many of the challenges that so many CPA firms face in their efforts to provide excellent service: tremendous workload, long hours, growing overhead, and difficulty capitalizing on the value they were delivering to their clients.

    In 2016, they attended their first Partner Summit and were introduced to the concept of the Breakthrough Firm. The message resonated deeply with the type of firm they wanted to be while addressing the obstacles that were currently preventing them from achieving it. Using the tools and consulting offered through Practice Forward, they have completely transformed their firm. In the past three years, they have significantly increased top-line revenue, bottom-line profit, and profitability by client. These changes have allowed them to grow their firm more strategically, increased cash flow for investing in new staff, and dramatically improved their quality of life as firm owners.

    Brittany graduated summa cum laude from Texas A&M University with a BBA in accounting and an MS in finance. She was recruited by Deloitte to join their international tax team in Denver, where she met her husband Dennis. They now have three young daughters — Brooklyn, Addison, and Hallie — and make their home in south Denver.

    Brittany and Dennis continue to invest in their practice using the Breakthrough Firm principles to create systems that empower staff and allow them to step into a true leadership and growth role within the firm.

  • Mucki Sobania
    Senior Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

    Mucki Sobania is a senior solutions consultant at Thomson Reuters, where she works in the tax and accounting professionals segment, demonstrating their suite of products that aid in the growth and transformation of tax and accounting firms — including the Practice Forward Program.

    In her current role, Mucki continues to look for opportunities to help firms scale to being “advisory centric” in their client relationships as they grow their practices.

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