2017 Global Trade Management ReportAn in-depth look at the
challenges facing trade professionals
around the world.

Managing Global Trade: A Look Below The Surface

In association with KMPG LLC, Thomson Reuters has produced our third consecutive global trade survey report highlighting the changes, challenges, opportunities facing global trade professionals.

This year, our survey was qualitative, featuring in-depth interviews with more than 30 leading trade practitioners -- providing insights into what trade teams face, how they expect their roles to evolve during the near term, and what changes they can make to set their organizations up for success over the long term.

These individuals represent the top trade operations and compliance officials at large multinational companies. Many of these organizations feature complex supply chains, regulation across many jurisdictions, significant tax burdens and constant changes that trade faces.

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Key Takeaways

Our 2017 analysis explored the macro themes that, according to our conversations, truly matter to trade practitioners. It also specifically explored three areas of trade operation — the centralization of processes, the utilization of free trade agreements and the classification of goods — that, for a variety of reasons, tend to be on the agenda of trade executives, and which were featured prominently in last year’s survey results.

The survey results revealed three key takeaways:

2017 Global Trade Survey Thomson Reuters & KPMG (52:45) 
For the third consecutive year, Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE and KPMG collaborated to study what’s going on now in global trade and what matters most to trade practitioners.
  • Centralization of the Trade Process
  • Utilization of Free Trade Agreements
  • Classification of Goods

The Global Trade Pyramid of Value

An important and consistent pattern emerged from our conversations. We found that the ideal trade function for large, global companies is a pyramid-shaped hierarchy of needs: achieving compliance, scaling operations.

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