Software as a Service for CS Professional Suite (SaaS)

Get the full power of our professional accounting software in the cloud

Why choose SaaS for CS Professional Suite

SaaS for CS Professional Suite lets you lease online versions of our entire award-winning CS Professional Suite, plus Microsoft® Office and Exchange. No need to pay a large up-front sum on software licenses — you only pay for the software you use. With SaaS accounting software in the cloud, you’ll be able to access your tax and accounting software anytime and anywhere, take full advantage of product integration, budget your monthly and annual expenditures, reduce IT costs, and scale your staffing levels up and down as you go.

What you get with our cloud accounting software

Scalable software

Scale profiles to fit the unique needs of your firm, such as when you're adding or reducing staff.

Optimize your staff

Attract and maintain qualified staff with the ability to offer flextime and opportunities to work from home.

Ensure business continuity

Keep your software and data secure with routine backups that save your latest data, even if your laptop gets damaged.

Training services

Get started quickly with our implementation planning services, included at no additional cost.

True integration

Run our full line of CS Professional Suite programs and select Microsoft products for an efficient workflow.

The case for the cloud

Discover how cloud computing has transformed the tax and
accounting profession.

Hear about the convenience and cost savings of SaaS for CS Professional Suite


CPA Steve Freeman on SaaS for CS Professional Suite

CPA Steve Freeman describes how he's been able to use UltraTax CS™ away from the office, thanks to SaaS for CS Professional Suite.


CPA Randy Crews on SaaS for CS Professional Suite

Randy explains why he switched to Thomson Reuters SaaS offerings that allow him to take care of his tax and accounting business at any time from anywhere.

Even before the year was over, I’d taken on 15 percent more new work without adding any staff.

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