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Do you have the tools to reach your community? Are you effectively growing your membership base? Are you communicating effectively with millennials as well as those entering their golden years? Our content marketing solutions for financial institutions can help you bridge the gap between generations, increase your credibility in the marketplace and educate your local community about fiscal responsibility — while you earn more business in the process.

Most financial institutions have three primary departments: Personal Banking, Business Banking / Commercial Lending and Financial Services / Wealth Management. Checkpoint Marketing allows each department to selectively market to its unique consumer and prospect bases with customized content relevant to each segment. Each relationship manager can personalize the newsletter with his or her photo and contact information to build recognition and credibility, strengthen relationships and develop loyalty for more business and referrals. Alternatively, each branch office could have its own local newsletter to build awareness within its community. Target each demographic within your community with the most relevant articles that will appeal to them.

Educate consumers with relevant and informative content

Checkpoint Marketing will help you educate, inform and influence customers and prospects with professional, timely and relevant articles from our extensive content library of education-focused banking, real estate and financial literacy articles. Help your members better manage their finances while positioning your financial institution as a community resource. Communicate directly with consumers, filling the void left by fewer walk-ins. Our proprietary platform enables you to have one-to-one direct marketing using a multi-user, multi-faceted communication platform that is 100% SPAM compliant and easy to use.

Differentiate your community bank or credit union from the rest

Increase community awareness and brand recognition by sending out customized messages to your consumer base, prospective customers and referring agents. Easy segmentation of your lists allows you to send different messages to different individuals and target groups so that you can impress your recipients with your thorough understanding of their unique needs. Group your corporate customers into one list, personal customers in another and yet set up another list that includes a cross-section of both based entirely on the contacts’ age so that you can send out truly custom content to nurture them with guidance and attract more business.

View a sample article from our Young Adults article library to see the quality of content you could be sharing with your community
Establish Good Financial Habits

Establish Good Financial Habits

Building financial patterns in your life is important. Click “Full Article” for ten tips that can help you acquire good habits that will become entrenched in your daily life. Gain control over your money and help reach your goals. Full Article.

Cross-sell more sticky services

With hundreds of professional banner ads and calls to action (as well as the ability to quickly upload your own), raise awareness of the sticky services your financial institution provides and capture leads based on recipients’ interests. Add announcements about your online banking or mobile banking options and track click through rates right on your computer’s desktop. We provide targeted email newsletter delivery to dynamic groups with instant access via a dashboard to tools and comprehensive reports.

Discover how marketing solutions for financial institutions can help you prosper

In addition to digital newsletters with the educational and informative content for your customers, we also provide a wide array of other content solutions to meet your financial institution’s marketing and business development needs. We invite you to discover how our collective offerings can help you achieve better brand awareness, improve client retention and identify opportunities for new business. Some of our marketing solutions for financial institutions include:

  • Email, online and print marketing newsletters with exclusive content for financial institutions
  • Tax and estate planning guides and seminar programs
  • Customer tax alerts
  • Content for blogs, websites and social media
  • Timely and informative business, tax, financial and news articles
  • Videos for your website and social media pages
  • Lead generation, prospecting and survey tools
  • Custom editorial, design and collateral development services

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