Tax Planning Guides For Your Clients, Referrals and Prospects


If you don’t offer strategic tax planning advice to your clients throughout the year, someone else will. Don’t lose your most valuable assets — your clients — when there is a cost effective solution. Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Marketing For Firms Tax Planning Guides are FINRA reviewed and offer you exceptional choice, impact and value.

Checkpoint is the only provider that offers two distinct tax guide versions to maximize relevance to your clients and prospects: one for general taxpayers and one for high net worth taxpayers.

Only Checkpoint offers a tax guide tailored specifically to high net worth individuals

Our Executive Tax Guide is ideal for nurturing your top tier clients for enhanced retention and obtaining additional service opportunities (e.g., estate planning and financial services). It is also highly effective at helping you establish a rapport with affluent prospects. The Executive Tax Guide was designed specifically for those among the top 10% of income earners and features 50% more content that is relevant to this unique subset of the market than the Classic version of our guide.

Tax Planning Guide

Our Classic Tax Planning Guide is designed for the average taxpayer and, like the Executive version, features attractive, easy-to-read page spreads with helpful case studies, charts and highlights of recent tax law changes. The Classic version also comes in these customizable formats:

  • Online (HTML)
  • Email
  • Print
  • PowerPoint

Each tax guide order comes with a Tax Practice Marketing Guide, which includes sample cover letters and social media posts. Call +1 800 431 9025 now to place your order or submit the form below.

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