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Intuitive Search on Checkpoint uses a multi-layered approach that goes beyond keyword matching and intuitively interprets the meaning behind your search. That means you’ll see the most applicable document to your search at the top of your result list every time.

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Intuitive Search


You can structure your search however you want (terms and connectors, natural language, or citation search), and our enhanced search capability will return the most relevant results for the terms you entered.


Technical Innovation:

We combine three key factors to ensure that your search results are as relevant as possible. We call this Triple-Powered Relevancy. These factors are technical innovation, editorial expertise, and user behavior. While technical innovation determines how to best filter, rank and deliver results across all of your Checkpoint libraries, Intuitive Search makes use of the cross references and “equivalency tables” created by our editorial experts, and our built-in intelligence uses past user selections and preferences to learn which results are the most relevant — which means the more you use Intuitive Search, the smarter it gets.

Triple Search


Skim and interpret results quickly with our simplified results display. Our interface now features a cleaner look and feel, which makes it easy to jump to the most useful information quickly. Highlighted keyword matches make identifying the most relevant material even easier while Source List Display flags results that are in the top 10 hits for relevancy.

Intuitive Search Video

Right now, you need to focus on finding the right answers, without distractions. Watch this brief video to see how Intuitive Search goes beyond keyword matching to truly understand what you are looking for – and deliver the best results, every time. Get the right information, right now – with Thomson Reuters Checkpoint.