Checkpoint EngageA fully integrated online audit tool for accounting firms.

Welcome to the next generation of audit engagements.

In a constantly changing audit landscape, there's a new way to achieve the efficiency, accuracy and consistency needed to manage your accounting and audit procedures. Introducing Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Engage™, the only fully integrated online audit solution. We've enhanced our trusted, risk-based engagement process while ensuring version control and staff access are issues of the past. Keep up with changes on the go, and share information while accessing and working on engagements simultaneously in the field or anywhere else.

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Why We use Checkpoint Engage

MN Blum LLC Testimonial (3:33) 

Accounting firm MN Blum LLC shares how Checkpoint Engage streamlines their audit process and increases their audit efficiency by 20% - 25%.

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What if you could maximize audit quality while minimizing time spent on audits?

Checkpoint Engage is unlike any audit engagement tool available today. This cloud-based integrated online audit tool dramatically increases speed and efficiency since information is updated in real time.

Real Time Collaboration

Easily share information with your audit team while accessing and working on engagements simultaneously from anywhere without version control issues thanks to the cloud-based platform of Checkpoint Engage.

Complete Risk-Based Solution

With our leading, risk-based audit program design, Checkpoint Engage helps build a customized audit program based on your documented risks and assertions to prevent over-auditing.

Smart Audit Process

Checkpoint Engage takes the award winning SMART audit process to the next level with its cloud based approach and comprehensive coverage of expert-authored content for a wide breadth of specialized industries.

Full Integration

Checkpoint Engage works seamlessly with our Thomson Reuters professional audit solution, AdvanceFlow®, to increase accuracy and simplify your audit process from start to finish. When you combine the Checkpoint Engage audit process with advanced audit management software in the cloud, you can save even more time on your engagements.

The Future of Audits Has Arrived: Checkpoint Engage
The Future of Audits Has Arrived (2:56) 

In a constantly changing audit landscape, there’s a new way to achieve the efficiency, accuracy and consistency needed to stay afloat. Introducing Checkpoint Engage — the fully integrated online audit solution.

Why Trust Checkpoint Engage

Real Results With Our Integrated Online Audit Tool

Bringing engagements to the cloud with Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Engage provides accessibility and mobility, which allows our staff to work from anywhere whether that is at home or in another office. With AdvanceFlow linked to Checkpoint Engage, auditing in the cloud is amazing. Work just flows seamlessly and that makes our life and audit procedures easier.

Fran Adler

Audit Supervisor, Miller Kaplan Arase LLP

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