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Change leadership: Take your practice to the next level



Danielle Esper

Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

Keith Hall

Senior Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

Empower your practice: Mastering innovative leadership for success in a dynamic world

This session will provide proven strategies to navigate the challenges of implementing change, with a specific focus on overcoming the common pitfall of ineffective communication that often leads to weak buy-in and support:

  • Discover how to motivate and engage your team, ensuring they align with your firm's new direction.
  • Learn valuable insights on leveraging revolutionary technologies from the Thomson Reuters suite to streamline your change management process. 
  • By the end of the session, you will have the knowledge and tools needed to elevate your change leadership skills and propel your practice to new heights.

Additional details

  • Danielle Esper

    Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

    With over eight years at Thomson Reuters, Danielle serves as a Solutions Consultant specializing in advisory. A dedicated professional, she actively participates in thought leadership events, including Partner Summits, Advisory Symposiums, and Synergy conferences. Danielle leverages this experience to drive innovative solutions, contributing to the evolution of advisory services within the industry.

  • Keith Hall

    Senior Solutions Consultant, Thomson Reuters

    Keith is a Senior Solutions Consultant. As a part of the Thomson Reuters team since 2015, he currently specializes in advisory solutions while also working with solutions involving tax preparation, tax planning, firm management, document management, information exchange, and more.

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