Checkpoint Engage features

Streamline your assurance engagements

Ensure you comply with standards throughout your engagements with in-application guidance from Checkpoint Engage

Leading methodology

Boost your expertise with audit guides loaded with practical considerations, real-life examples, time-saving checklists, and practice aids.

PPC methodology

Complete your engagements with confidence, knowing that nothing has been overlooked. PPC audit guides are loaded with the tools and resources you need to pass peer review, backed by the expertise and accuracy of experienced authors and editors.

Editorial process

Get the guidance you need from a trusted source. The depth and breadth of Checkpoint Engage content surpasses other providers, built on a reliable foundation of over 500 combined years of industry and public accounting experience, 20 in-house CPA editors, and 70 external expert authors.

An audit methodology backed by experienced editors and authors to ensure you pass peer review

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Single Audit workflow automation

Access a cloud-based application that guides you through an automated process to overcome the complex, challenging, and ever-changing single audit requirements.

Single Audit

Only Checkpoint Engage Single Audit is embedded with the Office of Management & Budget’s (OMB) Uniform Guidance and Compliance Supplement requirements. It is backed by an in-house team of expert CPAs and nationally recognized external authors that leverage prior-year inputs while helping you comply with current standards.

SEFA support 

Compiles data needed for Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) report.

Guided process 

Automates the process of identifying major programs and provides step-by-step guidance.

OMB Compliance Supplement 

Embedded with the current OMB Uniform Guidance and Compliance Supplement requirements.

Awards tracking

Tracks and stores awards, expenditures, and the last time a program was audited as major.

Cloud based 

Delivers the flexibility to work from anywhere and complete audits online — from one platform.

Staff collaboration

Allows multiple staff to collaborate in the same engagement at the same time with real time updates.

A guided, automated process to keep your single audits efficient and compliant

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Time-saving tools

Seamlessly gather engagement workpapers and eliminate unnecessary items while getting reminders, practical considerations, and examples that help your team quickly move through the engagement process.

Risk assessment

Leverage the power of AI to see how your firm’s identified risks stack up to similar industry engagements using the assisted decision-making risk identification feature.

Engagement workpapers

Answer a few quick questions about your engagement and Checkpoint Engage will automatically tailor the engagement by removing unnecessary forms and programs.

Disclosure topics

Eliminate anything that doesn’t apply to your engagement and save time discarding unnecessary items. Auditors can also find examples within Checkpoint Engage that can be used for financials.

Experience significant time savings with efficient tools and the guided engagement process within Checkpoint Engage

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Teamwork management

Manage your team and engagements effortlessly. Auditors and managers can simultaneously sign off on multiple procedures, quickly check all engagement overviews, and identify missing answers.

Design view

Prevent delays by identifying which procedures need to be checked out and sign off on multiple procedures at the same time with the Checkpoint Engage design view.

Status dashboard

Monitor your team's progress and move seamlessly between engagements. The status dashboard offers managers an overview of different audit areas, making it easy to oversee multiple engagements simultaneously.


Identify missing answers and avoid unnecessary delays. The diagnostics feature shows where an answer might have been missed and provides a hyperlink to corresponding forms to help you complete the engagement.

Turn up your team's efficiency by managing engagements within Checkpoint Engage

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