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Tips and Tricks to Keep You ACA Compliant

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is very complex, but for Thomson Reuters, information reporting is not. ONESOURCE manages massive volume filings with ease, while delivering exceptional customer service and unparalleled security. We’ll keep you confident in this changing regulatory environment.

Need help with ACA tax compliance?

HR and tax professionals face significant tax reporting and compliance challenges under ACA. Preparing and filing tax information reporting documentation is no longer a compliance suggestion; it is an integral part of an employer’s strategic compliance plan.

ONESOURCE, in connection with our industry partners, offers custom, integrated ACA compliance solutions for employers of all sizes including data volume management, form creation and delivery, and filing and error corrections to ensure your company’s good health.

Ease the pain of ACA reporting

The timeline for staying compliant in tax year 2017 has already begun and organizations are again struggling with reporting and compliance challenges. Click here to find out how ONESOURCE addresses the most common pain points that organizations face.

Why ACA Compliance Should Still Be a High Priority for Employers
Guidance on wrapping up your first year of ACA filing and planning for 2016 Cover

Why ACA Compliance Should Still Be a High Priority for Employers

The ACA hasn’t gone away. Now that the 2017 filing season is in full swing and penalties for noncompliance are in effect, it’s more important than ever for employers to ensure they have an effective compliance strategy.

Affordable Care Act Reporting & Compliance: Filing-Next Steps

Download our complimentary webinar and gain valuable insight on how ACA works and how Thomson Reuters can help save you from costly penalties. You will also learn what happens if you aren’t prepared and what you need to be prepared for the 2017 filing season. You don’t want to miss out on this valuable information.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Solutions

To learn more about the requirements around ACA Compliance Reporting, and gain access to free tools like whitepapers, visit the solution that is most applicable to you:

Tax Form 1095 - C

Tax Form 1095-C Solution for Employers

Although the tracking and analysis required to comply with the ACA also requires a large amount of effort, many employers are under-estimating the work involved in reporting their compliance for 2017. ONESOURCE will be sure you aren’t caught off guard. Find out everything you need to know about our 1095-C software and services.

Sales & Use Tax Software

Tax Form 1095-B Solution for Insurers

Choosing the ONESOURCE solution for your 1095-B/1094-B filing needs is your insurance against concerns around security, volume capacity and ease of implementation. Download our free whitepaper and learn more about our 1095-B software and services.

International Indirect Tax Solutions

Tax Form 1095-A Solution for Health Insurance Marketplace

In addition to over 20 years of leading the industry in Tax Information Reporting, ONESOURCE brings a 1095-A solution polished by reporting experience. Learn more about our 1095-A software and services.

ACA Partnership Program

Partnership Solution for Advisors

ONESOURCE provides the security, experience, management tools, and support necessary for you to assist your clients with their ACA compliance needs. Learn more about our 1095-C software and partnership solutions.