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Reduce risk while increasing profits and efficiency in your export compliance process

As companies continue to grow and conduct business across the globe and ship products around the world, many trade professionals often struggle with maintaining export control classifications for products as well as generating accurate documentation and audit trail capabilities.

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Global Trade Export Compliance and Management Software reduces your risk of non-compliance, dependency, and delays, while increasing profits and efficiency in the clearance, tracking and financial planning aspects of the export process. Using Export compliance software solutions from ONESOURCE Global Trade will connect the dots between your global supply chain processes and help get your entire supply chain on the same page.

The First Truly Global Solution for Export Compliance & Management

ONESOURCE Export Management Software features:

  • Control over all documents relevant to the export process
  • Optimization process prevents customs delays for deliveries of goods
  • Ensures rapid, secure information is accessible at all stages and identifies bottlenecks
  • Control over export expenses including bills of lading, airway bills and ground transport documents
  • Reduces risk and improve performance in export determination process (embargo check, BIS license determination, etc.)
  • Reduces errors and workload
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