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Meeting everyday challenges with creative solutions is what the spirit of government is all about. Here’s one: How do you manage your land and tax administration process more efficiently? Automate it with Thomson Reuters Aumentum. Each component of Aumentum serves a unique function, but the focus is on helping you do more with less: fewer resources, tighter budgets, impossible schedules. Our suite of products works to help you maximize revenues, reduce shortfalls and improve efficiencies in the budget. Plus, we offer Thomson Reuters Checkpoint, the world’s leading online information database for tax professionals, including an array of publications and information on tax law around the globe. Our combination of software, resources and services can help you streamline and improve your government service.

We understand what it’s like to work in government. Our experts come from government, and have spent decades in partnership with government leaders developing and streamlining a software that helps make government work easier and more efficient. That’s Thomson Reuters Aumentum, the leading software platform for billing, collecting, valuing and managing global tax revenues. With a fully automated process, this system reduces error and gives you more time.

Along with Aumentum software, we offer the most extensive tax and accounting research and information database around the globe with Thomson Reuters Checkpoint and Checkpoint World. Get the latest tax updates as well as analysis and commentary from the world’s leading tax experts. Our components work together to provide solutions at every stage of revenue management.

See how they can work for you:

  • Checkpoint and Checkpoint World

    From the local to the global levels, get a precise view of tax and accounting laws, including international treaties, legislation, cases, expert commentary and analysis, and daily updates.

  • Aumentum Cadastre

    Get the details right. Capture, integrate and present cadastral and relevant spatial data in a way that minimizes complexity and reduces redundancy.

  • Aumentum e-Government

    Put our software to work for your constituents. This public-facing site lets citizens access their public records and pay bills online.

  • Aumentum Recorder

    Manage public records and documents electronically with this comprehensive and integrated system. The complete range of recording capabilities include real estate, vitals and marriage, automated indexing and redaction, backfile conversion and indexing, full text OCR searching on images, as well as e-recording.

  • Aumentum Registry

    Increase your speed as well as your control. This workflow program helps you automate your process of managing registrations, documents and transactions. Multiple users can access data simultaneously, making it easier to share information across departments.

  • Aumentum Tax

    Property tax software that does it all. Our tax management and billing solution is fully automated, easy to use and designed to help you maximize revenue.

  • Aumentum Valuation

    An appraisal software so comprehensive you won’t miss a detail. Save valuable hours in the field with cutting-edge tools and technology that let you do more without leaving your desk.

  • OpenTitle

    Don’t miss an acre. This easy-to-use system helps informal or rural communities get a cadastral lay of the land.

Products Serving Governments

Products Serving Governments



Governments in nearly 50 countries rely on Aumentum to manage millions of land parcels around the globe. With an automated process, every step is easier and less prone to error—from billing and collection, to records management and even public access. It also helps departments communicate and collaborate, which makes us all more efficient.

Explore Aumentum

Explore Aumentum

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint

With the right combination of technology, information and expertise, even the most complex research gets much easier. From international tax, to national and federal tax, to state, regional and local tax, Checkpoint can help you easily find the information you need, along with expert analysis and commentary you can trust. Ask 95 of the Fortune 100, all of the Top 100 U.S. CPA firms and 94 of the top 100 U.S. law firms whom they trust for the right information at the right time. The answer is Checkpoint.

Explore Checkpoint or view a demo

Thomson Reuters Checkpoint World

Tax news and information without borders. Keep up with the latest tax updates and breaking news, and gain a broader and deeper level of insight on international tax transactions. Checkpoint World offers you a world of information at your fingertips.

Explore Checkpoint World or view a demo

Explore Checkpoint World or view a demo

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