Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Public Sector Champion Awards? You’ve come to the right place. Don’t see your answer? Contact us at and be sure to include “Public Sector Champs” in the Subject Line of your email.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate an individual, a team, an office or jurisdiction for a Public Sector Champion Award. If you are an office holder, you may self-nominate. Feel free to nominate your team or even a colleague in a neighboring jurisdiction. If you know of an individual or an office that fits into the Public Sector Champion Award categories, we want to hear it.

How can an individual, team, office or jurisdiction be nominated?

To nominate a person, team, office, or jurisdiction for a Public Sector Champion award, please review the award categories, then complete and submit a nomination form. While we encourage multiple nomination submissions, please submit only one nominee per category and nomination form.

Do award winners have to attend the SYNERGY Aumentum User Groups Conference to win?

No, attendance at SYNERGY is not required to be considered for a Public Sector Champion award. However, winners will be recognized at the awards banquet during SYNERGY so it would be ideal if you were in attendance.

Do nominations have to be based on the use of Thomson Reuters software?

No. We know our solutions and services are a support system for the offices we serve and only a small part of what you do to service your tax base each day. Our intent is to celebrate the achievements of our customers — all of them. Whether it’s implementing a new business process or having demonstrated outstanding leadership, these are the stories that the Public Sector Champion Awards are designed to celebrate.

Will winners only be considered if they are Aumentum customers?

All customers are welcome to submit their nominations. The awards are not limited to Aumentum customers only, but are open for all Thomson Reuters Government customers — both longtime and recent go-lives.