Expert Series

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Expert Series: Change Management

8 Practical Tips to Steer Your Team Through Change

Change management is simply a systematic approach to helping people and organizations transition to a new, desirable state in order to meet the overall business strategy. There is one core principle that influences every aspect of change management: people are at the heart of making any change a success.

In this webinar, we will recommend 8 tips to successfully pioneer change in your organization while keeping this key concept in mind.

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Expert Series: Customer Experience

3 Keys to Building a Customer-Centric Culture

In this webinar, you’ll discover 3 key strategies to successfully transform your organization into one that excels in delivering a superb customer experience.

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Expert Series: Social Media

7 Highly Effective Social Media Habits for Local Governments

Social Media has become a new channel of communication for the government to communicate and collaborate with constituents. It allows government offices to connect directly with their community, with the added bonus of being transparent and approachable.

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Expert Series: Kootenai County

Doing More with Less: Increasing accuracy, productivity and constituent satisfaction through technology

In this webinar, you’ll hear how Kootenai County, Idaho was able to successfully navigate through the economic downturn starting in 2007. Hear how the use of technology allowed staff to increase the reliability of their assessments, which in turn increase productivity within the Assessor, Treasurer and Recorder’s Offices.

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7 Steps to a Smooth Backfile Conversion Project

Local jurisdictions from across the country are increasingly looking for ways to preserve and secure all of their recorded documents. But where do they start?

In this session, we’ll discuss the seven considerations you must think through when defining a successful backfile conversion project.

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E-Recording: What You Need to Know

In today’s world, e-Recording has become a standard way to record documents in thousands of jurisdictions across the country.

Join us as we discuss e-Recording basics, its benefits and the successes we’ve seen.

At this session you’ll hear:

  • The basics of e-Recording and how it works
  • The benefits, delivery methods and how to be successful
  • Use cases from Recorders currently e-Recording
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How to Write a Great RFP

If you’re looking to upgrade your property tax system, the good news is that there’s probably a system in the marketplace that meets your requirements. But with so many options, how can you be sure you’re getting the responses you need?

In this webinar, our expert proposal team will walk you through best practices for writing an RFP that will yield the best responses possible and help you choose the best solution for your jurisdiction.

We’ll cover:

  • Formatting Best Practices
  • Evaluating Price and Functionality
  • Using a Function Requirements Matrix for grading and comparing responses
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