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How Small and Mid-Sized Entities Can Protect Themselves from a Cybersecurity Breach

The time when the threat of an IT security breach wasn’t a constant worry for businesses ended years ago. Today, even the smallest corporations must address IT security concerns — but if a major corporation can’t protect its information, how can a smaller or mid-sized corporation hope to protect its assets from a breach? This white paper will provide you with useful guidance on meeting IT-related security challenges, from understanding some of the ways hackers gain access to corporate information to assessing your own internal security controls.

Financial Management and Controllership

This powerful resource brings together the expert analysis and practical guidance today’s financial managers and controllers need to succeed in all aspects of their roles: accounting and financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, cost and cash management, human resources, controllership issues for smaller companies, and internal controls and risk management. It provides a repository of practice aids in the form of sample policies and procedures that cover more than 80 topics and include hundreds of customizable checklists, worksheets, forms, agreements, and schedules. The focus throughout is on practical guidance for the day-to-day operations of financial management and controllership.

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Access Your Cloud Accounting Software Without IT Burdens

Virtual Office CS® offers anytime, anywhere remote accounting software access, relieving you of the IT burden and ensuring business continuance in any situation. Our full line of CS Professional Suite® tax and accounting software and select Microsoft® products are available in the Virtual Office CS environment. With our cloud accounting software, your tax and accounting programs operate and integrate exactly as if the programs were loaded on your hard drive. But since the software is loaded onto our hardware, we take care of maintenance and updates — you simply log on, go to work, and enjoy peace of mind. Even in the event of a fire, theft, or natural disaster, your software and client data remain safe on our powerful servers. We perform routine data back-ups to ensure that your data is always secure.

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