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Journal of MultiState Taxation

Stay informed of critical developments and never-ending changes in state and local taxation. This practical Journal provides targeted tax planning strategies specific to companies involved in multistate operations and individuals with assets or investments in more than one state. Written by state and local tax practitioners, the up-to-date expert analysis and informative articles provide timely answers to your most pressing state tax questions.

Nexus Assistant

Analyze the nexus profile for companies and clients who do business or sell goods in multiple states with Nexus Assistant. With this easy-to-use tool, you’ll be able to quickly see a summary by state or see specific activities, compare them across states, link to primary sources and more.

MultiState Corporate Income Tax Reporter

Get comprehensive coverage on how states tax the income earned by corporations, insurance companies, LLCs and LLPs. f your company or your clients do business in more than one state, you need up to date information on rates, apportionment, conformity, add-backs, filing requirements and other topics