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Learn what South Dakota v. Wayfair means for your business and how sales tax automation can help

The South Dakota v. Wayfair Supreme Court ruling marks a drastic shift in tax law precedent. Simply put, if your business sells goods in any state — even if you don’t have physical presence in that state and the transaction is online only — you may now be obligated to register in that state and collect sales tax. ONESOURCE Determination and Indirect Compliance make it easy to stay on top of constantly changing indirect tax rates regardless of your corporation’s size or geographic reach — from determination through final remittance and compliance.

Watch our video to learn more about what the Wayfair ruling might mean for your business.

Survive Smarter with ONESOURCE as States Redefine Nexus (6:06)

Survive smarter

With technology increasing the rate at which external and internal pressures impact your indirect tax team, simply surviving is harder than ever. Ready to be nimble enough to handle ever changing and expanding regulation without the risk of rick and exposure? The answer is transaction tax automation. The time is now.

ONESOURCE Determination and Indirect Compliance is your trusted tax technology partner for today’s needs and tomorrow’s unknowns.

Lower your bottom line and increase ROI

Overpayments and exposure are constant worries of transaction tax teams. Don’t wait for a costly audit to expose your financial position.

Indirect tax automation can lower your bottom line and increase ROI.

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Quantifying your ROI on indirect tax automation (2:23) In this brief video, discover why automating with ONESOURCE helps manage the high cost and risk of the global indirect tax function.

ONESOURCE Determination

Stay on top of constantly changing indirect tax rates regardless of your corporation’s size or geographic reach with ONESOURCE Determination. ONESOURCE provides the most powerful and flexible tax engine for indirect tax and the only patented, end-to-end automated solution on the market.

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We found that ONESOURCE was the best fit for our business, as it had features that we could use in the future when we're looking five years and ten years out, that the competitors didn't have.

Fiona Gibson, Tax Systems Lead, John Wiley & Sons

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