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Core Tax Library – Trial

The Core Tax Library offers access to critical federal, state & local, and international tax material on Checkpoint – vital information for anyone with tax responsibilities in your firm. Keep informed on all tax issues through Federal Tax Coordinator 2d and United States Tax Reporter, daily updates of primary source materials (cases and rulings, regulations, AODs, GCMs, PLRs), the Internal Revenue Manual, complete state and local materials, WG&L treatises and journals, and weekly newsletters. Try the Core Tax Library with Answer Path free for 30 days.

Federal Tax Coordinator 2d – Trial

Designed to provide complete and thorough answers to all your federal tax questions, the Federal Tax Coordinator 2d offers a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all Federal tax laws, regulations, relevant court cases, and IRS rulings and releases. The expert analysis is supported by extensive and detailed citations to controlling authorities. Try Federal Tax Coordinator 2d with Answer Path free for 30 days.

PPC’s Federal Tax Compliance Library – Trial

PPC Deskbooks provide complete and easy-to-understand answers for solving tax return preparation and related planning questions, bridging the gap between interpreting the tax law and reporting real-life transactions. Comply with confidence and ensure your clients’ tax returns are accurately, efficiently and consistently prepared. Try the Federal Tax Compliance Library with Answer Path free for 30 days.

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