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Apple, McDonald’s, Ikea, And Google In The Spotlight, As Tax Controversies Heat Up In 2016

Countries around the world are lining up to pledge their support for new international efforts to close corporate tax loopholes. Corporations are already paying the price in the form of costly investigations, audits, and conflict resolutions.

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What is FATCA? What is CRS?

It’s a new day in tax information reporting. Globalization, emerging markets and increased regulation are transforming the global tax framework and presenting complex and arduous challenges for financial institutions around the world. Learn more about CRS and FATCA.

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Beware Collateral Damage Of New Tax Inversion Rules

The U.S. Treasury Department issued another volley in their ongoing effort to stop corporate tax inversions this week. Large corporations are not happy, but that’s only part of the story. The Treasury’s re-engineering of the law may have inadvertently created some major obstacles for the broader economy.

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Joe Harpaz

Managing Director and Head, Corporate Market, Thomson Reuters


Infographic: Trends Affecting Taxologists

The drivers for discussions around tax technology are becoming more prevalent due to regulations such as BEPS, FATCA, ACA and more. View this infographic for insight into the biggest challenges concerning compliance and reporting, and what that means for the modern tax professional.


5 Ways To Be A Better Tax Researcher

Answering tax questions in the information age adds a layer of complexity and pressure. This how-to guide leaves you with 5 ways you can leverage tax research technology to keep you ahead of the game.


What To Expect When Implementing Tax Technology

Start on your path toward improving traditional tax planning, compliance and data management with the right technology.


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