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Automate and electronically report key financial information with a free, open-exchange standard. Stay up to date with International Financial Reporting Standards in the UK and Australia with ONESOURCE Accounts Production software.


Take control of your reporting processes

If you do business in Australia and United Kingdom, you understand the challenge of meeting another level of compliance recording requirements. Emphasizing efficiency throughout the accounts preparation process, ONESOURCE Accounts Production provides you with flexible, easy-to-use reports. Our platform gives you control over the information and data within your accounts—including the ability to enforce a corporate standard throughout your organization.

In the U.K., we offer comprehensive iXBRL support to help you update your existing system and ensure all future HMRC and Companies House submissions are in compliance and accurate. ONESOURCE Accounts Production from Thomson Reuters caters to all company and client reporting requirements.

In Australia, based on a proven Big 4 accounting firm publication, ONESOURCE Accounts Production equips you with a smart and intuitive way to comply with your reporting requirements.

Step up your compliance accuracy by reducing human error—while you also save time. With ONESOURCE Accounts Production, your organization can streamline workflow and manage disclosure requirements. The program also integrates seamlessly with ONESOURCE Corporate Tax UK.


Customer Testimonial

“Thomson Reuters tax software has been instrumental in enabling Woolworths to manage its tax compliance efficiently. Being able to download account details directly from our year-end reporting systems into Thomson Reuters tax software saves us substantial time at the busiest times of the year.”
Job: Taxation Manager
Company: Woolworths Limited
Product used: ONESOURCE Accounts Production AUS


“Everyone has been great and so professional and that is why we picked ONESOURCE. They were very clear about what the product did and are always very helpful if we ever need information. It was definitely a good move and the implementation of ONESOURCE Accounts Production has improved our whole process.”
Job: Manager, UK and Europe Finance Team
Company: Cable & Wireless
Product used: ONESOURCE Accounts Production UK


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