Property Tax

Location Based Technology, In Every Jurisdiction

ONESOURCE Property Tax software is today’s choice for your property tax solution. Our first-in-class patented technology, backed by unrivaled industry experience, helps you meet and surpass property tax challenges.


Proven success for your property tax challenges

Property tax professionals across all industries have the same goals: increased control, lower costs and less risk. We offer an end-to-end property tax solution that streamlines the entire property tax process – from data management, to forms and filing to understanding and planning for jurisdictional requirements.

Our web-based technology reduces the risk of manual errors with features such as comprehensive reporting and jurisdictional and government updates. With built-in accuracy and compliance, you can lower administrative costs, lower your property taxes and improve cash management. Our location-based technology streamlines the mapping of your assets and provide easy access to critical detail. The software is always up-to-date with the latest tax laws and information, as well as tax forms.

Our system helps you estimate and accurately report uncertain tax positions. We provide precision tools to help you increase your control over uncertain property tax positions, and related documents, disclosures and reports.

Our tax and technology experts have extensive experience serving nearly every type of industry, including retail, leasing, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and REITs. Bring their expertise to your business with ONESOURCE Property Tax software.


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