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A global force for tax and accounting solutions for business and government

With operations and expertise in points across the map, Thomson Reuters has the software, critical information and services to help take your business virtually anywhere. If you manage government revenue, our trusted solutions can be applied wherever you govern, helping you increase both efficiency and tax revenues.

Solutions that work all over the map

No matter where you do business or run government today, a global perspective is essential to success. That’s why Thomson Reuters has focused on developing tax software and services that function globally and work comprehensively. For every issue faced by tax and accounting professionals, we have a solution. We enable customers to maintain accurate and seamless compliance with increasingly complex international tax laws and accounting rules. With operations in every major region around the globe, Thomson Reuters understands the big picture. Our products are developed by tax and technology experts to meet the needs of tax and accounting professionals in corporate tax departments, accounting firms, law firms governments and more. Find out how what we offer in your region.