ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Integration for Concur AP Invoice Increase accuracy and efficiency of tax calculations on accounts payable invoices

Integration for Concur

Validate use tax on vendor invoices

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax integration for Concur AP Invoice offers a cloud-based solution for calculating tax on accounts payable invoices in the United States. The solution enables customers to maintain compliancy, avoid penalties and audits, increase efficiency and save vast amounts of time.

The ONESOURCE Indirect Tax determination software evaluates each invoice and calculates the tax that should have been charged by the vendor. With this integration, the tax result is returned back to the invoice in Concur. The solution doesn’t change the data on the original invoice; instead it empowers you with the full control you need to resolve tax exceptions. ONESOURCE can be used to verify invoices before payment or accrue correct tax liability.

Automate the AP Invoice process

The Thomson Reuters and Concur integration equips corporate tax departments with a powerful solution to manage tax calculation on their vendor AP invoice processes. The combination of Thomson Reuters expertise in the indirect tax field, along with in-house global tax and legal experts who research tax regulation and maintain up-to-date content changes, both ensure that customers can execute tax determinations quickly and securely through the cloud.

The ONESOURCE Indirect Tax and Concur integration empowers corporations to:

  • Eliminate tax decisions by AP Invoice personnel. No manual jurisdiction code or tax code assignments are required during the transaction process, ensuring tax precision and accurate accounting.
  • Deliver and maintain all tax rates and rules for over 15,000 tax authorities in the U.S.
  • Capture data and standard Concur tax interface data elements.
  • Manage all contributing and multilevel tax jurisdictions.
  • Implement via the cloud for faster return on investment.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax uniquely determines use tax based on standard Concur data elements ensuring the highest levels of tax calculation accuracy. Learn how your organization can simplify the tax lifecycle with a single integration and comprehensive solution that will lower your cost of administration while improving productivity and minimizing risk.