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Did you know that in Illinois, there is a 5% candy tax on all flourless candy and sweets? Retail companies across the globe are constantly fielding quirky tax laws just like this.

Take the complete approach to sales and use tax with ONESOURCE Indirect Tax software

Only ONESOURCE Indirect Tax delivers a consolidated approach to achieving higher degrees of sales, use, and value-added tax compliance.


Streamline your tax planning process

Every business has its own unique process around sales and use tax compliance, but many face similar challenges in the planning stages. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax offers end-to-end global software solutions and consulting services that streamline tax planning, so you can focus on value-added activities.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax:

  • Emphasizes planning
  • Reduces compliance costs
  • Increases data integrity
  • Enhances risk mitigation

Trust your tax data

Our full-time team of in-house tax experts research tax regulations and maintain up-to-date tax content and changes for over 15,800 taxing authorities in the U.S. and in over 180 countries ensuring your tax determination and compliance processes leverage the current tax information and regulatory data.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax:

  • Includes tax research processes and content subscriptions that are SSAE16 Type 2 and ISAE 3402 certified
  • Provides up-to-date data and highest levels of accuracy
  • Relieves tax and finance professionals from burden of keeping track of constantly changing tax codes

Test and Model

Every business faces constant change that will impact their sales, use, and value-added tax obligations. With ONESOURCE Indirect Tax you not only have access to the most comprehensive and up to date tax research, you can easily assess your indirect tax liabilities for business today or tomorrow with tools and supporting research.

Assess your liability with our Potential Savings Calculator

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax:

  • Tax Research Team: access to law citations and definitions
  • Workbench: model current and future state transactions
  • Workbench results: access to detailed tax results
  • Drill-down reports: easily view tax-centric detail on your current transactions

Timely and accurate sales and use tax return filings

Gain time, accuracy and confidence that your filings and audit trail can withstand scrutiny through a fully-web based solution. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax empowers corporations around the world to better manage their return process and supports more than 590 different sales, consumer’s use, seller’s use, rental, leasing, food and beverage returns for all applicable states and the District of Columbia.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax:

  • Provides anywhere, anytime access
  • Reduces raw data manipulation
  • Provides automatic monthly updates including forms and rates
  • Offers more than 70 electronic return forms accepted in 26 states in addition to Canada and Puerto Rico

Reconcile tax data quickly and accurately

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax provides standard or highly customized reporting functionality so tax data is always at your fingertips. With library of 40+ production-ready reports, you can get the tax data your business needs.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax:

  • Offers ERP reconciliation and extract
  • Gives peace of mind that data in accurate
  • Provides flexibility to output reports in any number of formats


“With the global tax landscape presenting numerous challenges for today’s tax department, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax provides a centralized approach for increased compliance, accuracy and control that gives tax departments an opportunity to not only address these challenges, but elevate their status within their organizations as a trusted partner to senior leadership.”

Brian Gardner
Director of Global Indirect Tax, Taxologist

See how this Taxologist helped his Multinational corporation respond rapidly to business change.

Customize your end-to-end indirect tax solution

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax offers flexibility, so you can select the software products and cloud-based services that best meet your needs.


Global Tax Determination

With client sites in more than 140 countries, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax helps you automate and simplify your sales, use and VAT management process no matter where your company conducts business.


Sales & Use Tax Compliance Software

Power your business with a software solution that covers the entire sales and use tax lifecycle- from determination and calculation, to reporting, sales tax filing, and remittance.


Global Indirect Tax Compliance

Achieve global compliance with a single, centralized solution that removes the need for complex, country-specific spreadsheets and automates your specific indirect tax compliance needs – value added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), and country-specific taxes.



Now you can pair ONESOURCE Indirect Tax with the business systems you already have in place. Get even more accuracy in your tax calculation and reporting process.


Sales Tax Automation for the Mid-Market

It’s not just for enterprise-sized multinational corporations. ONESOURCE also provides industry-leading sales and use tax technology for mid-market businesses.


Indirect Tax Rates

Get indirect tax data delivered to your company in real time, including supporting rates and rules for more than 15,800 tax authorities in the US.


Certificate Manager

Put any indirect tax certificate at your fingertips in a matter of seconds. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax collects, displays, stores and tracks all exemption and resale certificates.


Indirect Tax Partner Network

Our partners include Certified Implementer Program (CIP) members as well as partners who specialize in indirect tax consulting services, implementation support and tax technology applications.

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