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You want to be prepared to address both legislative and business changes in order to succeed in the growing global marketplace. We want to offer you a simpler approach to solving complex tax challenges in the face of changing tax laws and uncertainty.

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A Simplified Approach to Complex Taxes

As the global consumer class continues to grow, so do the complexities of the taxes paid by global corporations, including value added tax, goods and services tax, excise tax, sales tax and use tax. We welcome the complexity. Our tax experts have seen and managed it all, working to maintain the broadest and deepest coverage of tax content in more than 14,500 tax jurisdictions in more than 175 countries. Even in complicated multi-level tax regimes–like Brazil, India, China and Russia–ONESOURCE Indirect Tax provides experience, scalability, ease of use and proven results.

That's why many of the world's most successful corporations rely on our world-class solution for managing indirect taxes, from the initial transaction through the monthly tax filings. Our determination software acts like a tax engine, allowing companies to consolidate global tax policy in one central location. All enterprise-wide applications can use a single, scalable instance of the application and still deliver business-specific tax policy across multiple business systems. On the back end, compliance software files your returns to the government agencies where you do business. And we ensure the entire indirect tax process is completed on time and accurately.

Managing Indirect Tax Compliance Around the World

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax is the ONLY truly complete solution to handle sales and use tax, VAT, and GST research, determination, and compliance. Explore how this is done all on one reliable, secure technology platform.

Does your enterprise resource planning software take care of these details? Not quite. As your business expands and sales volume grows, there are limits to what the ERP can do. You need faster, more flexible tax data in real time, backed by a company with extensive tax and accounting experience. The ONESOURCE Indirect Tax suite integrates with the most widely used ERP systems: Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP, as well as custom integrations to your business' specific financial applications. Working together, we can navigate a constantly changing marketplace while managing your compliance and audit risk. Implementation is seamless, and the configuration can be customized to scale.


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How ONESOURCE Indirect Tax Can Help Outsource Your VAT Compliance

In 2010 Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) successfully implemented ONESOURCE Indirect Tax (formerly the ABACUS VAT Compliance Solution). The goal was to help ACS automate a significant proportion of the VAT compliance and reporting cycle; to streamline its processes; and to remove manual adjustments throughout the VAT compliance process.

ONESOURCE Indirect Tax includes a full audit trail, which helps ACS guarantee to their client that it has SOX compliant VAT processes. The Financial Controllers at the client of ACS also use the ONESOURCE Indirect Tax software too.

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Cable & Wireless

During 2009 ONESOURCE Indirect Tax (formerly the ABACUS VAT Compliance Solution) was successfully implemented at Cable & Wireless Worldwide for a number of its European business operations. The implementation took about three months from planning to go live stage.

The Benefits Cable & Wireless Worldwide has Achieved Include:

  • A reduction in European VAT compliance costs compared to outsourcing
  • Full automated VAT compliance process from ERP record to VAT Return
  • And much more!

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Cisco Systems

When Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in Internet networking, needed to respond quickly to its rapidly changing global business, ONESOURCE Indirect Tax was the solution. The company wanted a system that would respond to regional changes without requiring substantial support from IT. ONESOURCE Indirect Tax integrates seamlessly with companies' existing Oracle E-Business Suite Applications. The results:

  • Significant reduction of unnecessary IT and tax costs involved in compliance and tax system maintenance
  • Added business responsiveness around the globe
  • Global visibility
  • Control and integration with its sales purchase and business products

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  • Limit IT department's time involved in programming when changes in tax rules and rates occur
  • Lenovo was able to apply new rate adjustments rapidly
  • Reduced the number of tax filings and adjustments to filings
  • Configured ONESOURCE Indirect Tax solution so their transactional tax processes are extremely well defined. Going forward, deploying the solution to the rest of the countries will be much easier.

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    DMA provides functional and technical solutions that optimize the utilization of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax.  DMA's development capabilities continue to produce utilities to mitigate business system limitations, accelerate project timelines and enhance our clients' return on investment.  Our design and configuration methodology positions our clients to efficiently and effectively manage organizational changes.  DMA's client solutions have positioned tax departments to be proactive, which results in added value to their organizations.  These solutions have included excise and environmental handling fees, and other non-traditional transaction taxes.  DMA has assisted clients to determine and calculate transaction tax in countries around the world including – U.S., Canada, EU, India, Brazil and China.

    LOGO ERP and ERP

    ERP and ERP

    ERP and ERP Corp is a technology services, global management consulting, and outsourcing company, with splendid expertise in delivering & managing information technology services that spans across enterprise application implementations, management & support. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities, ERP and ERP Corp collaborates with clients/partners to help them become high-performance businesses and governments.

    Our expertise in consulting, technology and outsourcing helps clients perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. Using our experience, industry knowledge, out-of-the-box thinking, service-offering expertise and technology capabilities, we identify new business and technology trends and develop solutions to help clients around the world.

    LOGO Ryan


    Ryan is one of the leading tax services firm in North America. Our proprietary implementation methodology combines effective and efficient processes with business-relevant tax research to help us configure the ONESOURCE Indirect Tax solution to meet the U.S. and international tax requirements that matter to our clients. Our approach, coupled with our ongoing and significant investment in our Tax Technology team's development and training, uniquely positions us as a preferred provider for implementing the ONESOURCE Indirect Tax solution.

  • Tax Technology Partners

    LOGO DSTax


    DSTax is a consulting firm specializing in sales and use taxes. Our clients represent a broad range of industries and span from the Fortune 50 to middle-market.

    By limiting our firm's scope to sales and use tax consulting, we can focus our energies on core skills, resulting in superior service for our clients. We bring a strong "tax perspective" during your sales and use tax engine implementation.

    In addition to being one of a few select Thomson Reuters certified partners, we also provide traditional sales and use tax consulting services, such as audit mitigation, voluntary disclosures, refund reviews, and tax research.

    LOGO Sarus


    Sarus is a highly focused and skilled firm specializing in "Transaction Tax Automation". Be it Sales/Use Tax in the United States or Value Added Tax in any part of the world, Sarus will help your company automate transaction taxes and take the guess work out of taxes. The end user intervention is minimized and the automation is seamless.

    Sarus has years of experience automating transaction taxes with leading ERP systems as well as custom applications. Be it "Buy to Pay" or "Order to Cash", we understand the nuances and complexities of every transaction from a taxation standpoint as they relate to US sales/use tax and VAT.

    Our services are designed to help clients develop and implement effective transaction tax automation strategies which result in substantial benefits in the form of better cash flow, lower cost of compliance, and reduced legal risks, resulting in a compliant and highly competitive business.

    LOGO Taxaccord


    Taxaccord is an experienced IT services company specializing in automated transaction tax solutions for major organizations. We provide integration services of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax with ERP and legacy systems within the EU. Not only can we help devise an automated tax solution yielding maximum benefit, we have the skills to perform and drive the IT integration project to success. Our UK-based support and maintenance group ensures the high level of accuracy, compliance and efficiency continues for years, giving you the confidence you need in your tax solution.

    LOGO Tax Technology Group

    Tax Technology Group

    Tax Technology Group designs and implements tax technology solutions tailored to meet your specific business requirements. We help tax departments and organizations improve tax-related processes, and we help them implement or refine existing indirect tax solutions. Using our extensive tax technology experience, TTG guides you through the entire process, step by step. You receive an ideal solution–and better yet, you will actually understand it. Contact Kai Ranabargar at or 626.808.7764 for more information

    LOGO Tytho


    Boasting a track record of well over 60 years of business experience while serving several multinationals. Tytho enables leading international businesses to meet their challenges in international Indirect Tax determination and compliance.

    Through right-sized strategic advice, program management, training, hands-on implementation services and maintenance, Tytho creates simple solutions to complex tax and IT challenges. Whether a company needs short-term support or long-term sustainability, we are the unique partner that will apply bright tax automation insights to drive better business results.

    The experts at Tytho discovered that when IT and tax expertise come together, the most efficient, intelligent and innovative solutions are the result. Tytho wants to be your tax automation partner-of-choice. Our ambition is to enable our clients to be in control of their tax automation, maximizing compliance and operational efficiency.



    YETTER knows sales tax. It offers expansive tax consulting and tax technology services for local and global companies. Since 1996, YETTER has worked closely with financial and tax department leaders to translate complex issues, craft high-level strategies, evaluate solutions and train tax teams.

    YETTER is a founding member of the TaxForward Alliance comprised of nine tax specialty firms that have evolved from national practices over the years that now, together provide a wide range of tax services ranging from Global tax technology implementation, US and Canadian indirect tax research and compliance, income tax, unclaimed property, tax planning and audit assistance. Each of the firms was founded by recognized leaders in their tax specialty areas.

    Whether facing an impending audit or proactively calibrating compliance and risk, tax, and IT, YETTER professionals can find the answers and guidance you need. Contact Diane Yetter at (312) 701-1800 x 2 or for more information.

  • System Integrators

    LOGO Accenture


    Accenture is a global business consulting partner of ONESOURCE Indirect Tax from Thomson Reuters. Accenture's Tax Transformation practice has led the way by providing holistic solutions that fully acknowledge and enable the tax organization as a cash management and value creating organization, not just a preparer of returns or a provider of legal and accounting advice. Our experience allows us to consider a wide range of opportunities for tax function improvement by developing a detailed understanding of a tax organization's specific needs.

    Please contact the following people for more information about Tax Transformation's full line of capabilities: Mike Wallace Global Transaction Tax Automation Solutions Offering Lead Tel: (312) 693-5563 Email:

    LOGO itelligence


    itelligence, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of itelligence AG, an international full-service solution and consulting company with a global presence in 21 countries. itelligence provides a broad range of consulting and customer support services to maximize SAP solutions, including implementations, business itelligence, application management services and hosting.

    itelligence is a gold-level SAP channel partner authorized to resell SAP Business All-in-One and SAP BusinessObjects solutions and is one of only 6 SAP global services, global hosting and global application management services partners. itelligence also holds global quality accreditation by SAP Active Quality Management organization for demonstrating clear quality standards and processes.

  • Software Solution Providers

    LOGO Coupa


    Coupa makes companies more profitable by amplifying their spend power, all with one simple platform that people actually enjoy using.

    LOGO Oracle




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