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Tax laws, government regulations and community issues can have a profound impact on real estate developers, brokers, agents, investors, property managers and other professionals grounded in the real estate industry. Your accounting firm has an obligation to keep them apprised of trends and help them anticipate and comply with changes. Regularly sharing informative and actionable residential and commercial real estate articles fulfills that responsibility. Doing so not only helps your clients, but also provides more opportunities for your firm to land more profitable engagements in the real estate industry.

Cultivate relationships with powerful real estate newsletter content

Take ownership of your firm’s responsibility to educate your clients while simultaneously acquiring more substantial prospects through the use of our targeted real estate content marketing tools, including several newsletter products. Establish relationship equity with your contacts by distributing quality, timely information on tax, accounting and compliance issues, marketplace trends and other pertinent issues. We offer a wide variety of real estate content to showcase your thought leadership.

Commercial real estate newsletters and articles include such topics as:

  • Appraisals and due diligence
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Commercial leases
  • Property management issues
  • Cash flow and value projections
  • REIT performance measurement
  • View a sample Real Estate Advisor print newsletter to see exactly how your firm could better position itself for success with real estate referral sources, clients and prospects.Section 1031 like-kind exchanges
  • Tax credits and passive loss rules
  • Landlord-tenant relations
  • Easements and rights of way

Residential real estate newsletters and articles contain tips such as:

  • Tax rules related to home ownership
  • Residential leases
  • Vacation property taxes
  • Property sales
  • Mortgages
  • Home improvements
  • Deductible home offices

Build a sturdy real estate niche with real estate newsletter content and solutions

You’ve laid the groundwork for a profitable real estate niche and seek to build upon that foundation. Our professionally-written real estate articles, real estate newsletters and other content marketing tools serve as a blueprint for your firm’s ongoing success in the industry. List your firm as the premiere real estate accounting advisor by sharing specialized tips and educational articles to earn greater visibility. We have real estate marketing solutions designed specifically for your firm’s social media platforms, website, blog, print and digital newsletters, webinars and seminars.

Our suite of comprehensive marketing solutions is designed to help your busy accounting firm reach your real estate industry niche with quality communications in less time.

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“Content marketing is the cornerstone on which we’ve built our success over the last 10 years. We use Checkpoint Marketing for Firms’ newsletters to increase and maintain brand awareness, show thought leadership, provide value to our clients, and generate leads.”

Sara Robertson, Director of Marketing
GBQ Consulting LLC

We can help you determine exactly which real estate articles, real estate newsletters and other content marketing solutions will best meet your CPA firm’s needs, budget and goals. Call us at 866.240.8477 and discover how our commercial and residential real estate marketing tools can help you get more traction out of your real estate industry niche and other specialty practice areas.

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