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Social Media Marketing for Accountants

Today’s conversations, research and buying decisions take place online, and social media has transformed the way buyers search for professional service firms. That’s why a strong social media presence is no longer optional for accounting firms and CPAs. It’s a necessity.

Simplifying and Streamlining Social Media for Accounting Firms and CPAs

But what’s the best way to build and maintain a strong social media presence in the accounting industry? It takes strategy, metrics and a lot of time and resources to do everything from interact with customers to consistently post engaging and up-to-date industry content. That’s why we’ve developed Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Marketing for Firms Social Media Solutions — a social media marketing resource designed specifically for accountants, accounting firms and CPAs.

Watch Video: Checkpoint Marketing for Firms Social Media Solutions

Watch this video to learn how Checkpoint Marketing for Firms Social Media Solutions provides the content, news, strategy and metrics your social media marketing needs to thrive and increase return on investment.

Whether you’re just starting out and are unfamiliar with social media, are a social media guru or are somewhere in between, we have the resources you need to take your social media content marketing to the next level. Our offerings include:

Emerging Tax and Regulation Alerts

Keep up with the latest tax and regulatory changes and share them with clients.

Learn about our Emerging Tax and Regulation Alerts

Social Media Briefs

A robust content strategy can position your firm as a thought leader amongst your competitors.

Learn about our social media content

Social Media Federal Tax Posts

Be the first to let your followers know about important industry developments.

Learn about our social media news updates

Infographics and Fun Facts

Increase your firm's social engagement with compelling visuals and fascinating facts.

Learn about our visual content

Social Media Manager

Save time, stay organized and track the success of your social media campaigns.

Learn about our social media marketing platform

We provide continuous strategy and training programs to ensure you’re always ahead of the curve.

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