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This is the story of Jane Stewart.

Jane has worked as a CPA for over 20 years. Over that time, she’s seen a lot of changes in technology that have completely revolutionized the way the world works. While she is now able to get far more accomplished in a day than she could 20 years ago, that doesn't mean her workday is any shorter — it just means the expectations are higher.

Jane knows that it’s not enough to just have a website. You have to update it with fresh content. You have to know what people are saying about your firm online. You have to share breaking news, analyze recent legislative changes and share funny, relatable updates via social media. But her firm doesn't have the budget for dedicated marketing staff. So Jane tries to publish a few posts here and there, but she often feels like her efforts aren't making a difference.

…then something happens that changes everything.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Download our free eBook to read the rest of Jane’s story and to learn more about how to keep up and stay relevant in the digital age.

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