SMART Practice Aids® Audit Suite

The SMART way to complete your entire audit process — from beginning to end

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All your audit needs in one place

Why piece together an audit solution when you can have a complete risk-based, integrated solution in one place? Transform your audit process and make your audits work smarter with the SMART Practice Aids Audit Suite. Part of the Checkpoint Tools suite of products, this comprehensive suite brings together our SMART Practice Aids in one location, making it easier than ever to maximize audit efficiency.

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Increase efficiency by 20-50% or more

Auditors using the SMART Audit Suite are seeing an increase in their audit efficiency by 20-50% or more. Now you can, too. Watch the videos below or scroll down to learn more.

“We use the Checkpoint Tools and the SMART Practice Aids to start every accounting and auditing engagement … I can’t imagine trying to do a financial statement audit without all of those documents and all of those tools.”

Mike Nuorala

Bunker, Clark, Winnell & Nuorala, P.C.

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About SMART Practice Aids

The most widely used solution in the industry, SMART Practice Aids takes the guesswork out of the steps and information needed to effectively and confidently serve clients. Complete with expert-authored content and dynamic automation across an unparalleled breadth of industries, SMART Practice Aids work alone or with all paperless engagement products and provide exclusive integration with Workpapers CS, Engagement CS and AdvanceFlow®.

“We’ve been able to tailor our approach a lot easier and don’t feel like we’re in a box. We’ve found it to be much more integrated, and it runs so much better on our systems.”

John Henriquez

Windham Brannon

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Revolutionize your workflow

Feel confident

Feel confident and assured that you’re up to date with the latest auditing standards and disclosure requirements – those affected changes are flagged when using our unique roll forward technology.


Simplify risk assessment with our patented audit program design including many flexible options for creating and customizing your audit programs without overcomplicating the process.

Create efficiencies

Create efficiencies using SMART Start for small noncomplex entity audits by leveraging the over 300+ years of experience shared amongst our editors to provide you with pre-filled planning forms and pre-tailored audit programs.


Streamline the financial statement disclosure preparation and save valuable time using an automated approach with searchable disclosure examples and direct links to your subscribed standards on Checkpoint.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage is available for a wide breadth of industries encompassing almost every type of engagement utilizing Checkpoint Tools together with SMART Practice Aids.


Integrate seamlessly with engagement and trial balance solutions including Engagement CS®, Workpapers CS, AdvanceFlow®

Learn more in these videos

SMART Practice Aids Functionality: How to Automate the Entire Audit Process
SMART Practice Aids Functionality: How to Automate the Entire Audit Process (3:16)

SMART Practice Aids Compilation and Review
SMART Practice Aids Compilation and Review (3:47)

Using AdvanceFlow and PPC's SMART Practice Aids
Using AdvanceFlow and PPC’s SMART Practice Aids (4:24)